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Paul Ryan (R-Wall Street)


Paul Ryan (R-Wall Street)

John Nichols

Paul Ryan began his tenure as the 54th speaker of the House with a well-received speech that placed a great deal of emphasis on the role of the chamber as a representative body. “We are the body closest to the people,” the congressman told his colleagues after being elected to replace outgoing House Speaker John Boehner on Thursday.


Well, we knew he was a lying nasty little weasel and a phony. The fact that his career shines is so obviously the result of sycophantic selling out to the overlords it's pathetic. He reminds me of that show 'House of Cards." Just a creep who has wormed his way to the top with zero ability and zero real credentials.


Hillary Clinton (R-Wall Street).


And hs's a major TOOL as well. He votes against paid family leave and then demands guaranteed family time off before he'll agree to be Speaker of the House. Chutzpah!


Not chutzpah. No soul.


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Ha!!! Yes, that is the goal of them all.....There may be a very few whose goals are a bit different, but... as lon as capitalism reigns.... the 99% loose, or well, really, it's more like the 90-95%....