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Paul Ryan’s Sickening Obamacare Replacement


Paul Ryan’s Sickening Obamacare Replacement

Terrance Heath

After six years, and more than 60 votes to repeal health care reform, Paul Ryan and House Republicans have come up with a GOP alternative to Obamacare that’s guaranteed to make millions of Americans sick.


I can't decide if Paul Ryan's contempt for most people shows that he is mentally ill and needs to take advantage of the wonderful medical coverage I'm sure he has or if he is simply evil.


Although the dis-ease has crossed the political aisle, few politicians are as loyal to the Koch Brothers' agenda as Paul Ryan. This guy would sell his own mother if there was enough profit in the transaction.

How many of us wish that the Paul Ryans of this world would divert their attacks on the weakest and poorest members of society to equal efforts aimed at scrutinizing--and holding to account--all of the following:

  1. Those corporations that use offshore addresses to hide from their tax obligations
  2. Wall Street's capacity to slime its way out of a small transaction tax
  3. Those corporations that rely on pork barrel spending and other financial luxuries that add to their already massive profits
  4. The cessation of major inheritance taxes... which allow the scions of the nation's most fortunate families to retain it all
  5. The MIC operating outside of any form of audit or accountability
  6. Those fake "universities" that charge desperate students phenomenal sums to deliver piss poor educations (while saddling them with impossible debt)
  7. Those Pay Day lending operations that typically charge about 300% interest on every loan taken out by low income persons


Paul Ryan and his ilk are more concerned with depriving lower income people of life-saving hospital and doctor visits.

Nothing else on the list matters to them... which shows just how twisted and diabolical their operational morality is. As I've stated before, these are the dark progeny of Ebeneezer Scrooge and/or politically-polished, card-carrying sociopaths.


Although I loathe Trump, every time I see anybody or any organization attempting to derail or mocking Trump, I feel like saying BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU ASK FOR . Seems that the most likely (and scary) outcome if Trump is derailed prior to November (for whatever reason) is Ryan being put in his place. Although Ryan may not be as overtly racist and sexist, a Ryan Administration would be at least as bad as a Trump Administration, and likely far worse.

I will take Orangehead verses Hillzilla any day over Eddie Munster verses Hillzilla.


RepubliCons can be relied-on to push the most repressive, most profit-generating, and most un-regulated proposals on most issues - they are wholly corrupt as the record of the past decades shows. That said, the ACA was a sellout to for-profit health-care, insurance pirates and big-pharma drug-pushers, and not "affordable" to millions. The costs and focus of health-care that is beholden to insurance "oversight" and big-pharma subversion of the Hippocratic Oath to profits at any cost, is an abomination.

Lauding the "accomplishment" of Barack Obama's ACA/Obamacare without challenging (or really mentioning) his craven sellout of single-payer universal health-care and radical reductions of the obscene costs of for-profit 'health-care" in the US is more akin to cheer-leading his "legacy" in the waning days of his tenure than truth-telling. We've seen that MO from others, notably Rep Elijah Cummings, who's lauded Obama's so-called accomplishments, and defended his record of abject failures for years - hyper-partisanship way over-the-top.

Ryan is a despicable character but he is far from alone and to focus on his corrupt vision of "health-care" and ignoring the more palatable political sellout of Obama & Co to for-profit health-care is transparent.......


I hope my previous comment didn't leave anyone with the impression that I agree or think that the ACA is good. The article was about Paul Ryan and I've always been disgusted with him, his opinions, and his hypocrisy in claiming to be a "Christain" (not that I'm one but if you claim to be you might want to actually try caring for people).

I don't trust Obama and I don't believe Hillary has any intention of improving the ACA (if that were even possible). Too many are still without healthcare or can't afford to pay for their care even with the insurance they have while the insurance and pharmaceutical companies, etc are basically stealing their money and their lives.

As tomjohnson said above and others have agreed:


As your history of those HMO's show over the short term when such legislation passed there are numbers that look positive which this author cites. It takes a few years for the private for profit industry to adapt to the changes and once that all happens the numbers will no longer be as positive.

The Insurance industry is not there to provide health care to their customers. They are there to make profits and once they figure out the most profitable ways of doing so it will be back to square one. The for profit "market" model is the root of the problem here and Obamacare did not address that which is why it will result in another failure.

The very premise that a person requiring healthcare can "shop around" and compare the "products" of various providers who apparently are competing with one another to sell the best product at the best price is ludicrous and shows just how clueless, or more accurately how deceptive , the proponents of this model are.


An additional bullet point, #10, is that starting January 1, 2018 the ACA increases income taxes on workers whose employers sponsor their medical insurance. Not only will each employee's contribution to the employer sponsored medical insurance be taxed as regular income, the employee will be taxed on the value of the employer's contribution. Most employees' taxable income will exceed their gross wages/salary.


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One of the reasons I am disappointed Clinton looks to be the D. nominee is that Sanders is for universal health care, ie single payer, Medicare for all. Of course I figure the insurance firms planned to fight single payer tooth and nail. That said health care is essential. It shouldn't ever be for profit. I am so sick and tired of fat cat health insurance execs getting increasingly disgustingly richer while they deny health care for their clients. With single payer I doubt this would ever happen. What ever terms you use to describe VT. D. Senator Bernie Sanders health care plan it is for the people.