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Paul Ryan Says the Catholic Charity Model Is the Solution to Poverty. Catholics Disagree


Paul Ryan Says the Catholic Charity Model Is the Solution to Poverty. Catholics Disagree.

Claire Markham

Earlier this week, Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator Ron Johnson, both of Wisconsin, penned an op-ed stating—once again—their belief that charity and individual responsibility are the key to fighting poverty.

“This is how you fight poverty: person to person,” they write.


A solution to poverty is to rid the world of the Paul Ryan's! It is a step in the right direction.


Saint Ronnie would be proud to see Ryan and Johnson carrying forth his "get rich or get off" torch.

While Trump wants to take Murka back a half century, and Clinton wants to take Murka back a full century, Ryan and Johnson would take Murka back to the dark ages with urchins lining up at the door of the cathedral to beg for handouts.


Lovely and worth repeating:

“There are two different, but complimentary, ways we can walk the path of love,” the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops explains. “We call these ‘The Two Feet of Love in Action.’” One foot is charity: direct service to help meet the immediate needs of individuals. The other foot is social justice: structural change to end the root causes of poverty."

Political strategists explain that whenever an individual or entity is put on the defensive, they're at a loss.

Paul Ryan (water carrier for the Koch Brothers and other billionaires... along with their funded think tanks) puts Social Justice proponents on the defensive.

The better strategy is to put HIM on the defensive by pointing out that he's never met a public charity program for corporations that he didn't bend over backwards to support. That he seems to think TONS of largess be directed at the very rich; and then, when--as a result--the coffers are empty, he talks a good game about "personal responsibility" as if Jesus' primary teaching was that of a slave master.


Call it Eddie Munster meets Oliver Twist ?


Ryan, sitting in an exclusive restaurant, sipping a $400 bottle of wine, privately wishes that the poor would politely, quietly, and discreetly all starve to death. Poverty problem solved. He's not so far from that position publicly. Hell has a fine, hot reception all ready for the American right-wing when they finally, blessedly, depart from the hell they have created here on earth.


One problem with the Paul Ryan types is that they are absolutely devoid of compassion , soul and empathy and thus can never be put on the defensive. They have no shame. Everything they believe in is "right" and righteous because they believe in it.


Ryan is disingenuous when citing anything Catholic. His role model is Ayn Rand, and her words on poverty were "If concern for human poverty and suffering were one's primary motive, one would seek to discover their cause. Why did some nations develop, while others did not? Why have some nations achieved material abundance, while others have remained stagnant in subhuman misery? History and, specifically, the unprecedented prosperity-explosion of the 19th century, would give an immediate answer: capitalism is the only system that enables men to produce abundance--and the key to capitalism is individual freedom."
(Source: Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal, p.308, by Ayn Rand , Jul 15, 1986). Ryan doesn't give a fig about why people are poor nor how to solve the issues--he just wants to look compassionate by citing someone else's compassion while he continues to behave like a soulless monster.


Knowing what the Spanish and the Catholic church did to the Native Americans, I want to puke!

The Natives grew food; the Spanish hoarded it and held it against them. There are still Catholic churches in these Native pueblos and I will never understand it. California's atrocities are just as bad.



Jared Diamond in Guns, Germs and Steel attempts to answer why some societies developed and others did not, and he's pretty compelling. This was also made into a series of programs that was shown on PBS.


I agree. When visiting Santa Fe I was pretty horrified to see monuments to Spanish conquistadors, records of churches being built by Native Americans without mention of their enslavement, and in Taos we have the spectacle of a Kit Carson museum, even though he was a genocidal monster.


Billy the Kid is so misunderstood. There is so much history and he fought against the robber barons in Lincoln. Fort Stanton and Sumner are sad, where the Apaches and others were led.


Nice feature, Claire.

How true, "The two feet of Love in Action"! Charity and social justice.

Good illustrations to make your point.


Notice the social action foot is the one on the left ... (smile)


Loved the book. Although he explains it up until the 15th century before the era of colonialism took place.


Ryan just likes to peddle the old republican rhetoric...Nothing new here...He is just your basic bought and paid for shill for corporate bullshit.....Ryan is just a dumbass republican posing as someone who cares and yet he doesn't...really..Republicans like to kow tow to Ann Ryand bull shit......Even though she was a supporter of abortion....The thing republicans hate so much yet they hang on her every written word..Republicans are factless zoids puppets of the Clown Makers...It is sad to be so stupid but what is funny is when they try to deny it.


"Poverty is not an accident. Like slavery and apartheid, it is man-made and can be removed by the actions of human beings."
—Nelson Mandela


“Giving from those who have more to those who have less on a systemic level…” – is the correct policy. But this money must come from top income earners. This money must not come from government, otherwise it will become like charity. It should be collected as poverty tax to rich, because it is the rich who creates the poor.

Unless we understand what causes poverty, the real solution cannot be conceived, and implemented if feasible. One cannot become rich without making somebody else poor. Thus only way to become rich is to steal from others. This is the ancient, age old method, and still is the only method. Today we use false money, secretly, by creating laws, and glamorizing the process, to steal.

There is no win-win possible. Win-lose is the law of nature. In every win-win case if you look carefully, you will always find a third person who will be loser. Take profiting for example. Suppose a CEO manufactures a writing pen at the cost of $5 per pen, and then sells it at $15 per pen. Thus the CEO is stealing or robbing $10 from each person. But when I steal your wallet directly, I go to jail, but the CEO does not. The same thing is true for interest charging, giving higher salary, creating unemployment, creating recessions, controlling the supply of money in the economy, etc. are all methods of stealing.

Take a look at the poverty chapter for examples, data, graphs, and principles at the blog site on soul theory at wordpress dot com.