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Paul Ryan Was a Villain And No One Will Miss Him


Paul Ryan Was a Villain And No One Will Miss Him

Peter Certo

Each New Year’s, my wife and I indulge one of our favorite traditions: the household purge. We scour our closets for stuff that’s just taking up space, quietly draining our home’s energy, and move it along. I can’t recommend it enough.

This year, America’s doing the same thing — and putting House Speaker Paul Ryan out on the curb.

For years, the ten-term Wisconsin Republican — who’s retiring as Democrats prepare to take over the House — enjoyed an improbable reputation as a “deficit hawk” and “deep thinker” about fiscal issues.


While he’s on the curb, let’s hope that a semi runs over the SOB!


Thanks Peter for the background links, very informative.
Ryan has enormous contempt for the people he’s lived off of most of his life, and throws them under the bus at every opportunity, the taxpayers.


“WAS” a villain" ?

His tax cuts set the stage for gutting “domestic programs” including Social Security and Medicare, so the most heinous results of his villainy are yet to come.

There will be no “missing him” seeing how the next stage of his career is on K Street or in a more clandestine role to facilitate accelerated wealth transfer and expand his villainy, all the while pulling in something north of $2 million per year, a far cry from his $175k salary as a Congressman.


To Peter Certo:

Thank you for this point by point, powerfully stated, criticism of Paul Ryan and his very cruel career.

To our CD community:

I seriously think that Paul Ryan is a vicious sociopath – because he has repeatedly tried to pass laws and policies that would (or do!) harm and kill millions of innocent people in the USA and around the world.

I hate Paul Ryan with a white-hot fury! If you don’t just stay on the mental surface of what he’s done – but instead you let yourself feel deeply and intensely all the pain, suffering, harm, and death that Paul Ryan has intentionally, viciously caused – you can’t help but feel rage at him! He’s a monster!


Certo sez:
“This year, America’s … putting House Speaker Paul Ryan out on the curb.”

Nice imagery, but incorrect. He’s leaving on his own terms, which likely include seven-figure “consulting” gigs, boardroom seats and a “curb” that will look suspiciously like a penthouse.


HI GoebbelsSez: I was wondering if he would die early of a heart attack like his father did-----but then, one has to have a heart to have a heart attack.


Oh he wudda viwwun awight! But don’t worry; his party is packed to the rafters with viwwuns. The next scumbag will be announced shortly.


SDSL-Seems like most (if not all) of them are, in fact, vicious sociopaths. Yet they’re continually successful.


I agree. The very worst people often rise to the top positions in government, business, the military, etc.