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Paul Ryan's 7 Terrible Ideas


Paul Ryan's 7 Terrible Ideas

Robert Reich

Yesterday, the new Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, summed up his House Republican agenda – vowing to pursue legislation that would frame a stark choice for voters in 2016.

“Our No. 1 goal for the next year is to put together a complete alternative to the left’s agenda,” he said.

Despite the speech’s sweeping oratory and careful stagecraft, Ryan clings to seven dumb ideas that are also cropping up among Republican presidential candidates.


This is what happens when one reads Rand, but not Dickens.


Not just terrible, Evil.


What is really terrible to contemplate is McConnell in the Senate, Ryan in the House, and Clinton, the Great Triangulator II, in the White House, a corporate triumvirate stoking the fires of a Hobbesian war of all against all, an inevitable result of this Ryan program. A consummation celebrated by the likes of Hedges, Counterpunch, and the Green fantasists, waiting for the revolution, I guess, while people suffer in the here and now. Bernie is too flawed, you know, according to these leading lights. I'm with you Bernie, go.


Hope the next one is HRC's 20 duplicitous promises and what America will look like under her reign. Hint: Obama on steroids.


Yeah didn't you know that according to some professional pundits and their sycophants that we should WAIT to build a third party someday in the future (just how long that would take isn't discussed) and not vote now.

Meanwhile these seven deadly sins are dumped on the American people with more to come as oligarchy becomes further entrenched during the interval.

We keep going down this anti people pro corporate road and that third party could very well end up being the Fascist Party.


"These 7 ideas will harm most Americans. Ryan is wrong. " That he is but I have a different adjective or two for Ryan but this is a family show.


He is a ASS


Interesting that the career arrival as speaker is accompanied by facial growth. There is an old saying about fallacies - 'If the beard is not constantly trimmed, soon it begins to think it is the face'. So the 'face' of the Republican party, self-identified here as the 'right' by identifying the other as 'left', sets an agenda not of "a complete agenda" but of exclusion of the diversity of people impacted by a scale of fraud, manipulation, privatization and brute force generated by a legacy that is designed to beget only more of the same. Yup, the beard thinks its the face.


Something Paul Ryan might want to pay attention to: unpaid leave for working mothers -


Obama has, during his past three state of the union messages, told us that the first two items of the seven listed are part of "tax reform in the spirit of 1986 tax reform" (the most regressive tax reform in history) that is one of his highest second term priorities.

Seeing how the Democrats incorporate radical GOP ideas (like Ryan's) into their agenda within 5 to 10 years of the GOP introducing them, it won't be long before the Democrats are praising their bipartisan progress.


I see so many people down and out-yet this dose not match what I hear in the news.It is so important that Sanders voice be heard,and hopefully others will follow his lead. We have a Fed about to tighten fiscal policy as the economy is barely growing,a congress and president that have done next to nothing for common people since the 2008 meltdown.


People often say such things and not without some justification perhaps but is it true?

Or is it that people can't seem to believe that they can win? We've become so used to losing that we can't envision winning at all or that if we did win that it wouldn't be snatched away from us.

A permanent defeatist mentality?

Screw that crap! I figure the PTB have had their way long enough and have screwed up so much that even they want someone who is really going to try and fix things while yet we can.

Climate change waits for no man (or woman).


Personally,(at least in the Dallas area), there seems to be almost endless affluence for most of the population. Of course there is inequality, even so, there is so much affluence to go around. And a lot of generosity in general. No wonder the U.S. is such a magnet for immigrants seeking escape from what I am sure we(the chosen ones) might consider extreme poverty. Obviously war and climate disruption are big too.
That's not to say the affluence isn't over the top. After awhile you don't think about it as often. Too many other distractions.