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Paul Ryan's Calls for Eliminating Almost the Entire Federal Government


Paul Ryan's Calls for Eliminating Almost the Entire Federal Government

Dean Baker

No, that is not some new concession that the Speaker made to appease Donald Trump, this is his budget wonkiness. According to the analysis of Ryan's budget by the Congressional Budget Office, he would reduce the non-Social Security, non-Medicare portion of the federal budget, shrinking it to 3.5 percent of GDP by 2050 (page 16).


Either you are being FAR too kind, Mr. Baker, or you have a short memory.

Don't you recall Grover Norquist's dream to make government so small that it can be drowned in a bath tub?

This is not about budget wonkiness:

No, that is not some new concession that the Speaker made to appease Donald Trump, this is his budget wonkiness.

This is deliberate.

Remember the detective's ruling ethos: Cui Bono?

Answer to the not so great a mystery: The Koch Brothers, Pete Peterson, ALEC, and EVERY polluting industry.

They want nothing more than to make the EPA, FDA, and any regulatory agency--so bold as to DARE to regulate their often toxic products--defunct.

THAT is their plan, and it's been their plan for decades. And if the right human monster attains the Oval Office, with the financial cupboard bare from foreign war costs, a pretense is in place to indeed cut domestic programs.

The bastards are moving in for the Big Kill.

We see how it operates in Flint, Michigan where citizens are not advised to "just eat cake," but rather drink leaden water!

And we see it in Puerto Rico where several million peoples' health and safety are being traded against the claims of several unscrupulous hedge fund social deviants.

We see it in Greece where The People have no say in their government's operations since government must rely on capital; and those who control it (Europe's Central Bankers) dictate the Game Plan.

What blows my circuits most is that the same sociopaths who claim to be Christians think NOTHING of cutting off Food Stamps to the hungriest, apartment subsidies to the poorest, and health care to the neediest... but they will ALWAYS vote for funds for MEN IN UNIFORM (gargantuan new Homeland Security budget, beefed up Border Control budget, beefed up TSA budget, etc.) and war.

If there is a hell, I can't think of a more deserving bunch of human misfits to occupy it.

Paul Ryan is a dead soul. And Pence is right down there with him.

It's mortifying to see all the naive Evangelicals and the angry white guys see salvation in their dead eyes and broken rhetoric.


No need for a public sector. Free markets will provide! The invisible hand will regulate all perfectly!

And yes, the dead zombie-like eyes and spooky stern-robotic tone of voice of these mad lunatics is indeed very disturbing.


SR, you covered it all so very well. Ryan is a fellow that seems to have absolutely nothing going on in the heart chakra area. Nada. Dangerous folks those paper pushing zombies.

".........in 35 years we would have nothing left over after paying for the military"............I read that as nothing living left on the planet including the living earth itself.


Yes, and in healing the planet, we must first destroy it.


The biggest problem here, as pointed out by Baker, is that the mainstream media never report the absolute idiocy of shit like this. The corporate media love to pretend that Paul Ryan is a serious man with a real, serious plan. It is simply flabbergastingly ridiculous that our media are so inept and so corrupt. It seems we must simply hope that we somehow get lucky more often than not and muddle through things without devastation.


A very powerful and well-written comment! I will not even begin to contemplate the absolute chaos and devastation (ala Soylent Green) that would ensue should the likes of Ryan, Pence, Walker, Scott, King, etc.have their way(s). I find it interesting that these brigands consistently "bite the hand that feeds them...." Is their sole purpose in seeking public office self-aggrandizement and hubris? Probably.


Could be leaded or leaden... thank you for pointing out the possible error.


I have a different diagnosis.

Either they are really atheists who believe there is only one life to live with no final spiritual arbiter.... which releases them from any concept of karma; or they are such true believers and so convinced that self-professed followers of Jesus (no matter that they violate just about every one of his Sacred Teachings) get a free pass, that they don't believe their horrific acts (and the levels of pain and deprivation these cause others) will ever require any form of accountability.

The atheist route suggests that ALL rewards come on this mundane plane. Therefore, to have a good life, one must use every trick in the book to seize what goodies they can. If that means playing the role of willing disciple to the moral likes of the Koch Brothers (for the right price), so be it.

The other route is so delusional in its conviction that it's convinced that those identified with a particular sect get away scot-free from their deeds.

I really can't explain the tunnel vision any other way.

Oh, there is also an estimated 5% of the population BORN without a conscience or CAPACITY to empathize with the suffering of others. Persons missing this vital human component can and will do very well in politics, particularly in this era when the pay-to-play calculus is so transparent and fully underway.

(Thank you for the compliment.)


Paul Ryan has a serious R challenger Aug 9., Paul Nehlen. Unfortunately, he is just as bad--or better, if you read this BS from:

The GOOD news--looks like Russ Feingold will get his Senate seat back:



Apparently Ryan is back to being a disciple of Ayn Rand. I wonder if he is giving employees in his office copies of Atlas Shrugged again?


When is the primary? Is there any kind of opposition?


I meant to say R challenger in the primary on Aug. 9.



It's just the corporate whore's new negotiating stance.

He had to move further right to be able to eventually "compromise" with corporatist Dems (who, oddly, just let themselves be pulled further and further right, poor soulless things) and still fetch something home for his masters. This is further right.


I clicked on the "analysis" link, and we clearly have a serious problem unfolding. At least credit Paul Ryan with recognizing the problem and proposing a solution, albeit not a very humanistic one.

The analysis is a strong argument for a single payer health care system, as it will be the most economical and just. It is also a strong argument for reducing our foreign military expenditures, and the obvious place to begin would be to withdraw our occupation of foreign sovereign nations. It's also a very strong indictment of our recent and current legislators incompetence, as well as an indictment of we the people's apathy and lack of participation in the democratic process.

Neither a Clinton or Trump administration would address these serious issues that confront us. If ever there was a time to seek a third way, that time is now. Our national credit card we are living on is about to be maxed out.


Brava SR, well stated.

My fear is this nation of the United States will probably have crumbled well before this future point of a projected State of the Union is even reached.


No, it is more heinous. It is greed and the acquisition of wealth. They are selling themselves to the corporations and to hell with the planet Earth.


Please baby, please baby, please defeat the pseudo wonk arse-hat with the shriveled heart Ryan, Mr Feingold!