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Paul Ryan's Progressive Challenger Randy 'Ironstache' Bryce Among Those Arrested Demanding Justice for Dreamers

Paul Ryan's Progressive Challenger Randy 'Ironstache' Bryce Among Those Arrested Demanding Justice for Dreamers

Julia Conley, staff writer

Two Democratic challengers—including outspoken progressive Randy "Ironstache" Bryce—who hope to oust Speaker of the House Paul Ryan in his home Wisconsin district this November were among the nearly dozen immigrant rights advocates arrested outside Ryan's offices in Racine on Monday.

I sure hope the people of Wisconsin are paying attention.
MS. Conley, why did you write (under you’re byline), that Randy Bryce is a possible challenger?
He is a challenger. You acknowledge that later in the story, but kind of misleading in the beginning.

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Don’t break the law, don’t get arrested. Pretty basic.

Proud supporter of Randy Bryce, all the way from Washington State.


Sure would like to know the charges. What exactly was he arrested for? If I had 27 bucks you know where I’d be spending my money. Cryin’ ryan just gotta go. Send him home, Please, Thank You.

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He will only be directly up against Ryan if he wins the Democrat primary and then go on to the general election. Of course even if he loses the primary he could run as an independent and try.
So until he secures his party’s nomination by winning their primary I think it’s fine to refer to him as a “possible” challenger.

Get arrested. Make a statement that impresses the voters you need to win. Basic politics.


I reread it after I posted, and figured that out, but it was too late to change my post. My mistake.

When ‘laws’ are unjust and odious it becomes our duty to break them.


If I could I’d vote for an unknown dead skunk in the middle of the road over Ryan who is stinking to high heaven.


He is lucky no one broke a window or he could be charged with a felony and face years in prison like the J20 protesters in DC.

I believe that was the same thing they said at the Edmund Pettus bridge.

Ok, this article is about Randy Bryce. Nice picture. He is supporting DACA dreamers and got arrested in a protest for publicity. And he is running in the Democratic primary in Wisconsin. Supposedly the Republican candidate will be the incumbent Paul Ryan. Lots of tweets.
Now, who are the other Democratic candidates? We would expect all of the Dem candidate to support dreamers. His picture is striking. Any thing else you can add? Is this a one-issue guy?

Never trust a politician who has never stuck their neck out. Creating a disturbance should be a badge of recognition for any political figure, right or left. It is a defining commitment and can’t be undone. It would be interesting to know just how many of our current office holders of both parties have even attended a rally that they didn’t pay for, let alone been fined for after being obstreperous.

With luck your questions will be answered to your satisfaction in many races.

No he’s not a “one-issue” guy. I don’t know everything he supports, but I know he supports true single payer healthcare, and he is pro union (he is a union member). He has a website up, I don’t remember the address, but I’m sure if you search his name it will come up. What I read about him, he seemed fairly progressive.
He also challenged Ryan to swap jobs for a day (he is a ironworker), when Ryan was crying about how hard he worked. Naturally Ryan never responded to his challenge.


lol good little German! Good boy! You’ve earned yourself a brown shirt!
Wear it with pride!

Ryan must be defeated. His intent is Evil.

Randy is the one to end Ryan’s misery.

Put him down Randy.