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Paul Ryan's Scorching Duplicity on Gun Violence, Mental Health and, Well, Everything


Paul Ryan's Scorching Duplicity on Gun Violence, Mental Health and, Well, Everything

John Nichols

A closer look at the shameless political careerist now running the U.S. House of Representatives


Well, gee what a surprise given that the NRA is calling the shots even though the people want common sense protection from guns.


Paul Ryan is a leech on the corporate Tit that feeds corrupt politicians.

Lies spew forth from his forked tongue and spill over his open lips, open to accommodate anyone willing to pay his price for Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.

I usually am a little more reserved in my unhappiness with truly horrible humans that should never have been born, but Paul Ryan, if you are ever on the wrong end of a gun, I hope we all agree to discuss the mental health aspects of your attacker and refuse to discuss anything regarding the weapon.


Paul Ryan is itching to get his hands on even bigger and more powerful guns of power. He seems to have an appetite for power but no empathy for human conditions. He thinks himself a good leader because he behaves. He seems to think he is always right, correct, a good boy. He seems to have been trained to be a follower not allowed time and space for introspection. He seems robotic. We understand why Paul Ryan is the way he is but times are a changing. Power down Paul Ryan.


As long as mental illness is diagnosed as owning more than two guns or more than a box of shells for either of them, then I’m good with granny starver. If neither of the guns is a hunting rifle or shotgun or the owner does not have a hunting license, then owning just two guns will be considered a pathognomonic sign of serious mental disease necessitating loss of permission to own firearms.


What? Please explain.


Just think - if both Trump and Pence were removed from office by the Mueller investigation this horrendous, cold-hearted, Ayn Randian piece of shit would be the Acting President. In high school his classmates voted him the “biggest brown noser”. Paul Ryan is a loathsome hypocrite and general purpose scumbag for the ruling class. I despise him.


I started to type out a rant and got sick, ryan opened his mouth and the country got sick(er)…


I’ll just touch on the “mental health” aspect of this discussion. We hear about mental health and it’s contribution, which I doubt, to gun violence, yet to this day they are doing their damnedest to gut the healthcare that exists to non-existant levels. Case in point: last year I was having mental problems, depression, and have Medicare and a Blue Cross supplement yet I found in a city of 500 thousand+ three providers that would take my plan. So where’s all this mental health support we hear about after a mass mass shooting? Where exactly is one that’s inadequately insured supposed to turn if they actually know they’re in trouble and seek intervention? I say to Ryan and his merry band of bribed criminals,(Congress for those not paying attention) put some, any amount not zero, where your idiotically proverbial mouth is and actually do something, anything at all would help.


I’ve always regarded both Ryan and McConnell in the same vein as jail warden Byron Hadley from the Shawshank Redemption. If either had to play by their own (imposed political) rules, they’d be led off ‘crying like a baby’, too.


Paul Ryan is a 3rd class jerk. He needs to be run out of office. Has no empathy for the citizens of this country, only interested in himself.