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Paul Wellstone’s Ordinary Life and Extraordinary Legacy


Paul Wellstone’s Ordinary Life and Extraordinary Legacy

Peter Dreier

The late Senator Paul Wellstone used to say that he represented the "Democratic wing of the Democratic Party." Since Wellstone died in a plane crash 13 years ago (October 25, 2002), other activists and politicians -- from the Occupy Wall Street, Raise the Wage, anti-Keystone pipeline, fossil fuel divestment, Moral Monday and Black Lives Matter movements to Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders -- have carried on in the Wellstone tradition.


Yes people with integrity and heart instead of cynicism and deep pockets like Paul Wellstone exist. We all miss him being on our side against the big money onslaught.

There ARE politicians who are progressives. It actually is true although many think it impossible. Without them things get much worse. Much worse.

Go Bernie... Somewhere up there... Wellstone's eyes are twinkling for ya!


Unfortunately, he is remembered most by why progressive politicians should not ride in small airplanes.


I still have my Wellstone letters and post cards, etc. Mine feature John Deere equipment and other corny stuff, too. :sunglasses: The death of Sen. Wellstone is shrouded in mystery and speculation. But, talking with someone ( public lands coalition rep ) who was in town on that day, the weather was very dismal at best. The Iron Range is a harsh mistress, as well. Better to say, " Adios, Amigo ", methinks.


mrannhitts said:

TJ says:
I disagree. As a professional pilot and licenced mechanic for 20 years, no satisfactory explanation was arrived at for the crash according to NTSB documents I read. This airplane fell out of the sky for no discernible reason. It just happened to happen right after Sen Paul Wellstone spearheaded the effort to impeach George W. Bush, as I recall.

The Jackals at CIA probably got him. According to Main Corp John Perkins in "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" this is what happens when Wall Street can't bribe a politician into compliance: Their perfectly good airplanes start crashing as happened to dozens of leaders in central and South America.

It's not hard to do. And when you are president of the United States it's easy to assign your guy to the NTSB as lead investigator as we found out with TWA800 and the altered flight data recorder transcripts where the raw reading time-stamps did not match up indicating they had been altered to cover up the fact that a missile hit the B-747, according to TWA 747 pilots I met. The FBI massively altered the flight recorder data in their video of what supposedly happened. According to AW&ST, the FBI prevented the NTSB from even participating at the crash site and then according to NTSB investigators this decade, the FBI stalked NTSB investigators telling them not to photograph any charred aircraft skin in the hangar later, showing the explosion came from outside the aircraft.

I've flow in Mini for decades, and it's not "a harsh Mistress" as you claim. The Rocky Mountains or "Ice Alley" or "Tornado Alley" in "Thunderstorm Alley" are much, much worse operating environments for aviators.



Yeah that landing beacon which apparently was located in the wrong place or something like that and 'led' the plane to start landing miles before it should have and brought them straight into the side of a mountain was never explained. Why was the landing beacon off by miles?

As TJ said, it was right after the Impeach Bush campaign hit the papers. There wasn't much of an investigation of the crash either as I remember it. More like cut and dry, as the papers had it... so from the get go nobody expected to find anything ... and therefore nobody looked hard enough to find anything.


Wereflea, for the most part I agree with your comment, with the exception of "straight into the side of a mountain."

All of the accounts that I've read describe Senator Wellstone's plane dropping into a dense forest 2 miles from the Eveleth, Minnesota airport. As if all of the plane's controls had stopped functioning at the same time.

Icing on the wings? October 25 in northern Minn, and the ground crew hadn't added de-icer at its last stop? Perhaps more on this story will be known in the future.

Nice review, Peter Dreier, of Senator Paul Wellstone's life and legacy.

Paul Wellstone, Presente!


You haven't mentioned the landing beacon issue. Which was much on the radio as I remember it.


Guys, it's been a long time since I reviewed the NTSB files, but as I recall both icing and nav signal error were investigated as possible causes of the crash without a resolution by the government beyond probable pilot error.

But it has occurred in South America and even in the US where a mobile NDB beacon was on a truck, and for whatever reason, the signal was not turned off when it was driving down the road causing near crashes, and crashes. Also, de-ice fluid can get "mixed up" with diluted water, which will turn your airplane into a pointed toolbox. By the time investigators arrive many hours later, all ice will have been melted; so there's no evidence.

It's interesting to note, that Ossama Bin Laden's brother Salem Bin Laden, who was a financial partner with GWB at Arbusto Energy (Later the scandalous Harken Energy) crashed in Austin Texas leaving his share of the money from Bin Laden to Bush.

Airplane crashes, including 911, have always been wildly profitable for the Bush Crime Family.


Natureboy - you are repugnant


As a former Minnesotan, seeing that picture of the green bus brought a tears to my eyes. His senate campaign was one of my first active forays into politics.
Yup, Paul Wellstone was one of the good ones.
The hotly run mid-term election with that carpet bagging asshat Coleman was also noteworthy for raising boatloads of out of state R $s. Big bucks people, not dinky amounts.
The plane crash? Yeah, in our hearts, we know damn well, somehow, it was an inside job...