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Paving Way for Abuse and Scams, IRS Hires Private Debt Collectors


Paving Way for Abuse and Scams, IRS Hires Private Debt Collectors

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is hiring private debt collectors to snatch up unpaid taxes, which consumer advocates warned Monday could come with a host of problems—from mistreatment to profit incentives to exploitation by scammers.


What's next: poor houses and debtors' prisons? Nothing like kicking someone when they are down. Go after the BIG offenders and perennial tax cheats like energy companies, GE, Boeing,Trump, Romney, Adelson, Stone, Page, Flynn, Manafort, etc....oh, yeah, I forgot that they all have a battery of attorneys on retainer to ward off any collection of taxes owed on their ill-gotten gains. Easier and cheaper to go after the average wage earner.

DeVos' chosen favorite to go after people who owe on student loans: the premier loan shark, Navient...probably on the top of IRS' list, also.


I wonder how many employees the IRS has, and why they can't be used to work on these overdue accounts. Seems silly to me - by allowing these private collection outfits to harass the population; as the article said, it certainly won't help relations between the public and the IRS! Seems to me that it's a lot like 'poking the bear' - antagonizing the public for no good reason - altho they seem to revel in this! Aside from those points, why does the govt. feel a %25 collection charge is ok, when they have plenty of staff on board already!
This is only one of the many problems caused by an ill-prepared, inexperienced group of people that think they're smarter than the average person!


Congress keeps cutting the IRS budget, so they can't collect taxes. It is the anti-tax GOP that does this along with collaborative Dems. It is a disgusting government that can't even pay its tax collectors adequately. Also fewer audits and guess where the big money is there?


This is nothing more than Nixonian dirty politics. Vote for or give voice to probes of the PTB, Deep State, The Alphabets, et al; get your taxes audited, get harassed, pile up legal bills and be " sweated " by crooks like Trump & Co. And, their masters.
Orwellian doesn't begin to describe the ripeness and stench this collection practise will give rise to. It's something the organizers of crime, who'll never be looked at by Big Brotherhood, would use to get their skim. With a badge and prying software, judges and the whole stinky enchilada of scumbags this kind of gig attracts, what could possibly go wrong? Ssssshhheeeessshhh!!!


Well that's just incredibly stupid. I don't know about anyone else but I have always refused to deal with debt collectors. I didn't hire them and I didn't use them so I sure as hell am not going to pay them. And if the ignorant entity that did hire them wants to pay them that is their loss and will never be mine.


Hiring scumbags to carry out the IRS scam is SO appropriate for Amerika, land of the fee and home of the slave. And what do the vast majority of taxes go to? WAR, WAR, and MORE WAR. Eighty-two million for our dick-slinging president to spend in one afternoon in Syria alone. Line up little taxpayers! We've got bombs to drop on innocent people and YOU'RE the ones slated to pay for them! Any objection? Your taxpayer dollars have bought hundreds of millions of bullets and bombs to be used against YOU TOO! Taxpayers bought the DHS arsenal as well, so they could keep us in line when enough Americans wake up and smell the fascism. Freedumb. Ain't it GRAND?!


Terrible Idea. Will they have the power of arrest like the IRS? IRS has been abusive for decades...so this is nothing new.


So they can't afford to pay for IRS workers, but they can afford to pay for private contractors? I smell a rat. I smell a huge nest of diseased rats and they're coming for us in more privatized ways than this one. Amerika is a big fat lying scam. Freedom? ROTFLMAO! Amerika is the biggest sick joke in the world.




I don't have a problem with this. For one thing, what Mitt Rmoney [sic] said about the "lucky duckies", at least as it refers to income tax, is true, and most poor folks don't really pay much taxes; and if they do, it's all from wages - with taxes deducted - and so most of the time, they will never end up having a net tax bill to go into arrears in the first place. The folks that wind up with the big tax bills are the upper-income tax cheats, and I say that the full force of the government should be brought down upon them to make them pay their fair share! We should ll keep in mind that the redistribution we all advocate for must be paid for at first.

As for private collection agencies getting involved, that's just an operational thing, although collections reform for any debt is always a good idea.


This is the doing of the Republican held Congress back a few years ago when they "punished" the IRS for daring to do their jobs by screening organizations with Tea Party in their name from gaining non profit status when in actuality they are a political front group to launder political spending by corporations and the wealthy because otherwise political donations are not tax deductible. They cut their budget according to a Republican Congressman to"punish them". When it's not the IRS that's paying the price but the American people because now that they cut the funding for the enforcement arm of the IRS, they can't afford to go after the big fish, only the little people who fear the IRS. And as for the privatization of the IRS to fill in this vacuum left behind by GOP? Of course they want EVERYTHING GOVERNMENT handed off to the for profit private sector and that does not bode well for the people. But you'll not hear that on our corrupted media.


Guess again. As a tax professional I know what you just stated is a load of crap.


How about telling us why this is a crap rather than sounding like a crapmeister yourself?

Yes, there could be some lower-income folks that are on 1099, but I stand by my contention that most lower-income folks are W-2, allowing the standard amount to be withheld, which is always too much, thereby resulting in a refund.