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Paving Way for Glyphosate Recall, EU Punts on Relicensing Weed Killer



Evidently Monsanto has known since 1981 that Glyphosates cause cancer.

Here's a teaser from the article on Mercola's web site:

"In essence, Monsanto's research of glyphosate showed similar findings as Dr. Gilles-Éric Séralini, whose damning lifetime GMO feeding study was wrongfully retracted largely due to Monsanto's influence. (Séralini's paper was later re-published with open access in the Springer Group journal Environmental Sciences Europe.

Monsanto's own research also supports the WHO's International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) determination that glyphosate is a Class 2 A "probable human carcinogen."--a determination Monsanto is now trying to get retracted. What's more, the research shows that lower doses of glyphosate tend to have a greater effect than higher doses, and the doses at which damage was found to occur are comparable to the glyphosate levels found in wheat, sugar, corn and soy in the American diet."


If you cannot buy your food at the local farmer's market from a known organic farmer,
maybe now is the time to start importing all of our food from Europe where we know it is out of Monsanto's reach.

No one should wonder why Monsanto wants to make food labeling illegal.


Monsanto will now increase the pressure on Obama to finalize his TPP and TTIP so the corporate tribunals can start extorting money from governments that enforce these types of regulations that protect their constituents.


"Round up" all the Monsanto and Chevron executives and force feed them only GMO products and derivatives of foodstuffs grown from GMO seeds in fields treated with Glyphosate (Roundup being one) and/or ORTHO weed-b-gone (Chevron). Then watch them morph into piles of toxic dust.


I like your thinking. I've always said on many of these chemical and pollution issues is that all we need to do is test these products on the families of these toxic executive criminals and see how things fare. Run the new pipelines and build the new compressor stations in their wealthy neighbourhoods. I suspect they would do a great turn around and push for regulation!


I always have the same reaction to Roundup/glyphosate. When you spray a poison on plants to kill weeds and it then shows up in breast milk, ban it immediately.

End of discussion. What else do we need to know?


And on the other side you have over a million citizens across the EU who have signed a petition saying they don't want toxic chemicals like glyphosate to be so widely used when there are such enormous risks over being carcinogenic.

Since when do the bureaucrats listen to citizens? Could the reason be that Monsanto is a US company rather than a European one? They haven't made any headway on Bayer's bee-killing neonicotinoids. And how about Syngenta? Anybody know?


I like this :slight_smile:

"Indeed, Deutsche Welle noted: "If no decision is taken on the license's renewal by June 30, products containing glyphosate like Monsanto's Roundup and other weed killers will have to be pulled from European shelves."

Let June 30 come quickly!