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Paving Way for 'Transformative Social Policy', Canada Approves Recreational Marijuana Legalization


Paving Way for 'Transformative Social Policy', Canada Approves Recreational Marijuana Legalization

Julia Conley, staff writer

Confronting the failed "War on Drugs" head on and offering leadership and a new model for other nations to follow, Canada on Tuesday became the second country in the world—following Uruguay—to


Well done, Canada.


Those who support this in the U.S. better watch out.

One day you support the right of adults to make decisions about drugs but before you know it, if you’re not careful, you might start believing that Americans have the right to make decisions about their own healthcare or gun ownership.

It’s a scary slippery slope.


YAY!!! and YAY!!!


Hopefully they do a better job of it than MA.


It’s really quite refreshing to see another government nearby that has come to it’s senses.


Drug use is about what a person puts in his or her own body, which is no one else’s business. Guns are about what people put in other peoples’ bodies (i.e., bullets), which is everyone else’s business.


THIS is what an enlightened country does!!!

The U.S. is still in the dark under a rock!


Does this mean marijuana is illegal in every country on Earth except two? Or did some countries not make it illegal in the first place?


“Edible marijuana products have not yet been legalized.”

Huh? Why?


What about all the people currently languishing in prison for absurd marijuana charges? Will they be released?


In other news…Former Mexican President Vicente Fox has joined the board of High Times…we are growing up slowly.


This is a great start for Canada, I did say start. No edibles, and only 4 plants for citizens needs to be worked on. But still great news for our close friends to the north. Hopefully the US will wake up, but I’m not holding my breath.


Film maker has done alot of other great movies


Good story, Fox seems pretty sharp, “Not appealing to Trump, because he never understands anything”. I do have reservations with him joining with High Times, they are not a reputable company. There are many organizations out there that would be a better fit for Mr. Fox.


I have watch his video’s and he is miles above others. Rick Steves is on the board as well so it may improve their standing.


The edible products haven’t yet been legalized because they don’t yet know how to regulate them. They are giving themselves a year to get some regs together and then legalize edibles. So they are planning on legalizing them, just not yet.


Out West most people do not grow; however, prefer to go to the pot shops nearby. So much easier.



Crime is about putting bullets (and knives, poison, fists, hammers, etc.) in and on other peoples bodies.

The majority of gun deaths are suicide, so therefor, no one else’s business?

Drugs can very much be other peoples business. Ask the families of the more than who die or hurt others by their drug abuse.

Are you seriously claiming that the 60,000 drug overdoses and 88,000 alcohol deaths a year don’t affect anyone else but the person taking the drugs?

What are you smoking?

And in other news:


So, what exactly is your point, because your incoherence is astounding. Do you want pot and other drugs legalized or not? Do you want everyone to have an automatic weapon or not? Do you really see gun control and drug legalization as equivalent, as you original post indicates? Or are you simply trying to be cantankerous, because that’s all that came across.