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Pay Attention to the Risk of Martial Law

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/24/pay-attention-risk-martial-law

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“Republicans have remained cravenly quiet” because what we are witnessing is what the GOP has been seeking at least as far back as Henry Ford, Prescott Bush, and other GOP operatives attempt to assassinate FDR more than 80 years ago, and there is no Smedley Butler to come to the rescue in 2020.

126 GOP House members signing the amicus earlier this month to put the last nail in US democracy’s coffin unequivocally confirmed that Trump is meeting or exceeding long held GOP goals, despite the GOP’s well executed Brer Rabbit theatrics of the past half century.


First, thank you Mr. Rothschild for attending our SE Minnesota small town anti-war march back before the Iraq war. The current era outrages seem to ramp up exponentially. I suppose outrage fatigue is part of the problem. As raydelcamino posts here, I too wrote about the 126 House members in a local letter to the editor. The larger area paper, Rochester Post-Bulletin, would not print it. They said I had too many words and phrases such as “very evil” and “sleazy.” With over 74 million voting for Trump I feel this is truly the season for No Sanity Clause for America.


In all likelihood (but not 100 percent guaranteed), Trump will be gone on January 20.

Yes, not 100% guaranteed. We can be sure of one thing, since Trump swears he won the election by a landslide and so do many of his fascist, acolytes, one has to wonder what Trump will stoop to in the next month. Martial Law? War with Iran?

But I do agree with Trump, the election was rigged…BY HIM! What really must hurt Trump is he realizes he did not rig it good enough!


Well, yes, Matt, but why would the Pentagon want to get of
Biden when he’s the smiley face of fascism and Trump
the grumpy face?
While so much of this militarism comes from the aftermath
of 9/11, and yet who wonders at the coincidences?


I agree that the election was rigged… to ensure that either a corrupt Republican or a corrupt Democrat remains in power. The “rigging of elections” begins by marginalizing, demonizing and ignoring candidates that are not beholden to corporate power. Until the people implement a strict and enforced law that prohibits private interests from ‘buying’ power, the long line of ruling juntas will remain in D.C.


You are absolutely right. The Repubs no longer even pretend to want to have democracy in this country. They are completely authoritarian & are well on the way for laying the ground work to bring this about…UNITARY EXECUTIVE, ORIGINALISTS on the Supreme Court. Originalist are exactly that. They want to go back to the days when only the “Best People” voted. And those are Rich, White Men ONLY. They talk about this “illegitimate” election. It’s illegitimate (to them) because we’ve let illegitimate people vote. Those would be Black, Brown, Women, LGBTQ people. All of us Illegitimate. And you can define “Unitary Executive” as Authoritarian Dictator. They’re all for it.


Well said! Thanks for your reply.

Looks like there may be a food shortage. California needs workers.
Not me, that’s hard work. That leaves slavery. We are gonna need slave catchers, cause, you know, they try and escape. Now we can send in the troops so the slave catchers can do their job. We’ll be at full employment in no time! We call it trickle down.

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