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'Pay Attention to This': Right-Wing Supreme Court Hints at Troubling Decision on Partisan Gerrymandering


'Pay Attention to This': Right-Wing Supreme Court Hints at Troubling Decision on Partisan Gerrymandering

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Even as voting rights advocates urge the U.S. Supreme Court to "be on the right side of history" by putting voters and not lawmakers first, the court's right-wing majority indicated Tuesday it may refuse to impose constitutional limits on extreme partisan gerrymandering.

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So would that mean that they are FOR partisan gerrymandering? This is what happens when you let a republican win an election. They can have dire consequences.

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Especially if a little gerrymandering leads to a life time posh life and hob nobbing with the elite.



It is not often noted, but gerrmandering is also a powerful tool of vote suppression.

It discourages turnout by maximizing the number of votes that do not count.



You did notice that the article mentions that Maryland democrats gerrymandered the hell out of that state for partisan advantage, and they’re being sued in this suit, too, right?

Here’s a thought: The democrats win elections and gerrymander to their advantage.

Oh, that’s right, they forgot how to win elections.



Actually, it’s noted all the time. It was noted by Ginsberg in today’s session.

But I sincerely applaud your bringing it up.



My bad. And I knew better. Of course EVERYONE who was allowed to gerrymander did some. Thanks for setting that right.



Spare us that both-sidesism Bull s__t

At least 80% of gerrymandering is on the GOP, as is negative campaigning, voter suppression, and political corruption.



If both sides were not the issue, why did the dem’s get the house? It’s because of the dem’s gerrymandering. It’s estimated that the dem’s would have only picked up 13-14 seats instead of 31. The point is that if the dem’s have control of the census they will almost assuredly gerrymander in their favor over the next 10 years, unless the courts make changes.



No, gerrymandering is a GOP tool, giving them at least 20 unwarranted congressional seats.


Please do a bit of research before posting - esp. stuff that is not true and easily falsifiable.