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'Pay Trump Bribes Here' Projected Onto Trump Hotel


'Pay Trump Bribes Here' Projected Onto Trump Hotel

Nika Knight, staff writer

An artist projected "Pay Trump bribes here" and "emoluments welcome" onto the facade of the Trump Hotel in Washington, D.C, on Monday night, in protest of President Donald Trump's failure to divest himself from his business empire.

The artist, Robin Bell, also projected the entire text of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution.


I wonder if there is any way Robin Bell could project this on to the Oval office?


Or, Tattoo it onto Trump’s forehead, after we shave his head.

If we do that, we may very well find the mark of the Beast there.


All would then be revealed.


This is cool but use of the word artist is weird stretch.

If the person who did this was an accountant, would the headline have stressed how the accountant was tallying gifts and green card bribes paid to iTrumpet’s family?

In that case we would have seen some accounting. Is this great light show considered art?


Trump: the devil in disguise?


Fantastic! Creative and appropriate.

Next up in retaliation, storm troopers goose-stepping up and down Pennsylvania avenue and snipers on rooftops put in place to stop the protests/resistance…by EO, of course.


I think the attempt to label bloggers as ‘not journalists’ can be thought of as similar to the attempt to label activists as ‘not artists’. This will no doubt be labelled terrorism by the state numbskulls, but to me it’s art.


This is so brilliant! I always wanted to project CRIMINAL OPERATION across the facade of HSBC’s big glass building on the west side of Union Square in NYC, after HSBC was convicted of criminal money laundering and fined a pittance. So, how about projecting this PAY TRUMP BRIBES HERE in New York across his Trump Tower at 59th st. and his 5th Ave condo tower.


K Street doesn’t need signs to know where to route the never ending stream of bribes in DC,

The trains may not run on time, but in Murka the bribe machine functions 24/7 with the precision of a Swiss watch.


I am so sick of this blusteringly stupid man child. THE PROBLEM IS THAT PENCE would be horrible too.
The problem lies with the Dems’ like Pelosi, Feinstein, et.al. who slandered BERNIE and rigged the primaries
so that we got the warhawk Shillary. People don’t like her-for good reason-so they didn’t vote or voted Jill Stein or whoevah. The uninformed idiots then elected the Dumpster-oops, Trumpster–no, the DUMPSTER.


That is what Democracy looks like! lol Robin ROCKS!


No “uniformed” anything! Clinton2’s arrogance and selfishness “elected”, not just an individual occupant of the Oval Office, but ushered in the premier of American fascism. While Obama collects $400,000 for an afternoon’s performance. Bernie in 2020 and millions of us in the streets having get-to-know-ya protests in every city every day, or at least every week. Jill, where are you? Bernie, give Jill a call, please?