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'Pay Your Workers a Living Wage': Sanders Blasts Walmart Executives to Their Faces at Annual Shareholder Meeting

I don’ think it’s a matter of him falling for anything. He’s made a deal with the devil and he will stick to it. Even WHEN THEY don’t.


Attacking the beast in its lair! Go get 'em Bernie!


Nicely stated. It should, though, be pointed out that by his preemptive capitulation to the DNC, pledging support - to whomever the nominee is - is basically encouraging them to steal the election again from him.
Stupidly, Bernie seems to be worried about being labeled a Ralph Nader spoiler. He seems to have forgotten that when he threw his support behind Hillary, she still lost. Biden will too, if given the chance.
This is Bernie’s chance to form a viable third party. I hope he does. Our current system is broken.


Thank you Bernie.

A fifteen dollar minimum wage would actually be a decent ‘starter’ wage IF, and only if, we also mandate rent-control and restrictions. Rent-control is way overdue.

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It’s too bad Bernie has decided that his best option is to run as a Democrat.

As such, in 2016 he threw his support behind a candidate who had been on Walmart’s Board of Directors.

The other side of the coin would be for Walmart to work their employees full time instead 32 hours or less.

Blame the Affordable Care Act for that.

Hi JohnB:
Bernie did work for Hillary, but OMG, he didn’t want Trump. I however, didn’t want the Hillary and I voted Green.
As we saw hoe the DNC treated Bernie before, I see no reason to believe them now, especially since reading today that the DNC will have NO Progressive Green New Deal support as the DNC won’t even discuss it. I wonder who paid them to sell out so many people… : (


Hi Phred_Pharkel:
sigh, Bernie does keep his word----but the DNC doesn’t keep their word. : (

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Thanks for your reply Stardust:
DNC have cleverly neutralized Bernie through exploiting his dogged integrity - they know full well they hold Sanders as prisoner of his given ‘word’ - such ethos the DNC treat with criminal contempt.
DNC operate outside the rules of civic decency - they operate under corporate business rules - anything goes, win at others cost, ensure the corporate funds flow in to preserve their own careers - to hell with the common people.

Bernie must choose between staying true to the real cause of addressing rising social inequality and the existential threat of AGW, or capitulating to the contrived, purposefully constraining stipulation of the corporatist DNC devil.
Bernie has made it abundantly clear that he intends to act on AGW - since DNC now publicly rescind support of the Green New Deal he is no longer bound by his earlier undertaking to support the DNC selected presidential candidate.

Agreements made in ‘bad faith’ have no moral (or legal) standing.
What price is continued life on planet Earth Bernie?

How misinformed can you be? Employers have been playing the 32 hr work week game to avoid paying fulltime benefits for decades longer than the ACA has been around. If you’ve ever worked one of those jobs like the majority of americans do, you’d know from first hand experience as I have!!! Stop misplacing the blame! Employers have been finding all kinds of ways to cheat their employees. The ACA has NOTHING to do with it. Why don’t you go get one of those jobs and find out?

They are not “cheating their employees”. They are operating within the confines of the laws as stated. When the marginal cost of giving an employee 8 additional hours is $5-$10,000 it is more cost-effective for an employer to have another part-time worker.

I was in one of those jobs years ago. I developed skills so I could have jobs where I could negotiate much better wages and working conditions.

However you want to spin it, its still cheating. I don’t lie to myself like you have.

BTW: by saying so, you admit that I’m correct in that the ACA has nothing to do with it. So, why did you spout your lie in the first place? What’s your agenda here? You knew you were lying but you did it anyway.

How is it “cheating”? No one is forced to either offer, or accept a job