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Payday Loan Sharks Have Good Friend in Government: Democratic Party Chair



So, maybe this should inspire Warren to endorse Bernie?


Yeah, it's not as if we've got another 4 to 8 years to piss away on buffoon Trump or corrupt Hillary.

Warren is fiddling while the planet burns. She could have a made a real difference this election cycle but she played it safe and fumbled the chance away. Even if she became President 8 years from now, there isn't going to be much left:


Maybe she can preside over the national distribution of cyanide capsules as an alternative to starvation.


In backing bill to delay or block payday lender regulations, DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Shultz is aligning herself with the Republican Party

More to the point, she is aligning herself completely against the poor. The moral poverty of such a move is beyond despicable. She doesn't seem at all reluctant to "own" it though, so I guess Hillary isn't either. Wow.

Dirty Worse-than-Mammon Shills is a more apt moniker.


Let's see, this serves as example number 42,397,456 of the blatant, transparent, publicly exposed, utter corruption of the "political establishment" of the USA.

As i wrote earlier today in another thread: We need nothing less than a worldwide movement to strip "corporate persons" of all "rights" and legal standing, and place them under strict democratic authority of the actual human persons who comprise society.

No lobbying, no "campaign contributions," no political donations of any kind, no private ownership of key public infrastructure, no "limited liability" for corporations.

Certainly no usury or predatory lending. But the problem of corruption and rampant corporate license is far bigger than "payday loan" sharking.


We now know three things, in case there was any doubt:

  1. Hillary Clinton, is a Republican in Democratic clothing aka Wolf in Sheep's clothing.

  2. Debbie Wasserman Schultz - See # 1 after Clinton

  3. Elizabeth Warren can no longer be considered the caped crusader, the cape is suspiciously absent.

We can now speculate on two things: # 2 and # 3 may be looking for a VP nod.


Debbie Schultz has been bought and paid for by HRC and is one of the reasons Bernie will have a difficult time with the corrupt DNC. Debbie wants to make sure the bern burns out!


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Oh, don't worry. America I'm sure will starve last. If only because of all the stored fat.


Author sez: "A poll conducted last year for Americans for Financial Reform and the Center for Responsible Lending, showed that nearly two in three voters have a negative view of payday lenders."

On the bright side, the money-changers are still polling more favorably than the U.S. Congress.


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What an absolute sellout DWS is. She is really for the people isn't she.


But there is just one party with two different names both serving wall street.


A sleaze ball she is very much like Hilary wanting to get as rich as possible in as short a time as possible. They have no faith in the future, so it's now or never for them.


Is anybody actually surprised by this?


yeah, that lesser of two evils mentality keeps the bar set pretty damn low. ugh.


Don't let it happen! Today's setback was to be expected, since the slate of states up for caucus or primaries contained a lot of Bernie's weakest. The big and strong finish comes in June!

Until then watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00jlWJsUOks


Just came across this:



Exactly re: Warren....why the cowardly silence? As someone said, is she looking for a VP nod, or a Secretary of State nod? wouldn't that be cute...
Politicians are all alike....they are in it for themselves, powerwise, moneywise, etc.
The only time they pay attention to the peons is when they have to pretend there is a democracy and they PRETEND they are beholden to the people. They're beholden to the people ...the 1% people.
What a laugh thjs is.


And why isn't Wasserman's good friend and leader, namely one Hillary Clinton, doing all within her power & leadership to STOP THIS? Why, you ask? Because Hillary doesn't give a damn!
Her concern for the little people stops just where the damn fools vote for her...