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Paygo Exemptions in House Rules Will Help Pave Way for Green New Deal and Medicare for All, Progressives Say

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/02/paygo-exemptions-house-rules-will-help-pave-way-green-new-deal-and-medicare-all


Correct me if I am wrong;

This means the D’s are halfway blocking Paygo so as to appear on the side of the pandemic suffering people.


In my view you are not wrong. Like I have posted before… the Dems. are very good at being the fake opposition party!


Paygo is utter crap. Now you won’t be able to juice the economy with infrastructure building (except for Green projects) because it won’t be paid for through higher taxes (an impossibility in this Congress). You won’t be writing off student debt or medical debt of the poor. And, for sure, paygo will never apply to future wars and advanced weapons systems.
Have said it before: This time I voted for the lesser of two evils, but won’t be doing that anymore. The only Dems I vote for will be those that embrace justice, equality, and an early end to global climate change.


This is pathetic. For this half assed “demotion” AOC told us it was necessary to block a floor vote on MFA. This is fraudulent politics. As for AOC herself, as Maya Angelou said, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”


the US Congress: Attracting demagogues and corrupting good souls since 1796!


My deceased Grandfather ran for Senator and lost, but before he passed away he told me: " losing that election was the very best thing that could have happened to me!"


Which Dems have met your criteria (either in your district or not)?

I hope Bowman and Bush will end up satisfying you.


My Senator Jeff Merkley and at times Ron Wyden does enough good things to warrant praise. Earl Blumenauer is for climate actions but he was for any old war that came along, not sure if he has learned his lesson. Democrat Kurt Schrader is a disaster for Oregon but the wealthy her in Oregon like him.


No one seemed to worry about how to pay for the recently passed Dept of Defense(read:Offense) budget or the Tax Cuts for the wealthy.


When the “defense” department was called the war department it was unambiguous. MIMIC gest more money than the Pentagon requests each year, much of it via “off budget” funding.

Question military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) corporate welfare and you are branded as an unpatriotic traitor. No discussion allowed !


Okay… whatever… #FORCETHEVOTE

Do the right thing and use your leverage to force a vote on Medicare for all, NOW.

Not interested in diversions or potentially positive things that might happen sometime in the future.

If the progressive “squad” doesn’t force the vote, then they have effectively cancelled themselves.


I got invited to an open comment page where we (well just me so far) are discussing this issue:


The First Nations peoples in the USA learned a long time ago how those vaunted lawmakers passed such legislation when it came to peace treaties and the like, openly lauded the act and the words put to paper and then come back 20 years later to tell the respective tribe that those words meant something else entirely.

If you want to see more recent legislation as to how this works , look to the AUMF and Patriot acts.

I do not see this as paving the road to anywhere unless it a road that ends up back where it started and you are not going anywhere if you just going in a circle creating the illusion of “going places”. Rather then pave that road, get off of it.


Even with paygo gone, this string of highly unlikely events would have to occur before anything even remotely progressive could become law.
The House leadership would have to abandon nearly 35 years of third way politics and their tacit support for supply side economics to even allow a debate about MFA and GND in any house committee.
That legislation would have to actually pass out of committee and get to the house floor.
It would have to pass the House.
If either GOP senator wins in Georgia, this is all moot.
It the democrats do win in Georgia, it would then require two more nearly impossible things to happen.
Schumer would have to eliminate the filibuster.
The the democrats, including all those Blue Doggies, would have to vote lock step in order to simply get the legislation to Harris’s desk.
Harris would have to sign off on it (hardly a given)
It would then go before Joe Biden, who has already said that he supports no such progressive legislation.

You will excuse me if I don’t hold my breath.


One thing that never changes in the USA. Always enough money for guns, never enough for butter.


And they are not mutually exclusive. Why can’t progressives demand “all of the above” in exchange for their vote. It’s more than pathetic; it’s outright collaboration with the establishment to deny you healthcare, jobs, a clean environment, etc. AOC, like her mentor Sanders, is a total fraud and has to go.


Thats how I am now. I couldn’t vote for Biden because he didn’t promise me what I wanted. If I, or any other progressive, can’t even get a non-binding promise out of a democrat, why should we support them.

As Bill Murray said in Ghostbusters, “I’m a voter! Aren’t you suppose to lie to me and kiss my butt?”


BULLS**T. More incrementalism. And once it is determined (by you know who) that a particular bill has no relation to the covid crisis, it will be watered down or simply ignored. NOT a win, but a bone to toss to Progressives. I would have hoped that the new wave of Progressive law makers would not be so naive/gullible as to fall for this crap. I was wrong.


Paygo is a REALLY bad deal, but I see these exemptions as hopeful. We have to keep pushing and pushing. I’m grateful to elected representatives who have the courage to push the system.

Little by little is how almost all change happens.

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