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Paying Homage to Single Mothers


Paying Homage to Single Mothers

Julie Kohler, Nicole Rodgers

Mothers have it hard in this country. We pay lip service to support for working moms, but don’t back up our words with deeds, through critical public policies like paid family leave or high quality affordable child care. Mothers ― especially Black and Latina mothers ― earn less than fathers, as well as women without children.


Single parents of either gender deserve support. Mist are single women but there male single parents – I know because I was one.

Child care assistance is an investment in the future – such as it is. Giving help to people without partners care for their children without moralizing condemnations about how they got into that situation creates a better chance that the kids might grow into people who can help us out instead of causing even more problems in a time when we have more than we can cope with already.