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'Payout Time': Exxon Seeks Waiver from U.S. Sanctions to Drill in Russia


Spoken like a propagandist. Gas affordability is not predicated on Exxon, Shell, BP, Mobil, etc. as is shown in the cost of gas at the pump in other countries where fees and duties are added in order to pay for transportation necessities (roads, transit, trains, etc.) and states in the US add their own taxes (for transportation expenses in counties and statewide) to pump prices that fluctuate according to commodity markets, OPEC, and price gouging by individual gas stations.

Exxon also costs our nation billion$$$ in environmental destruction such as the Exxon-Valdez disaster whose widespread devastation and loss of marine life, marine habitat and fish species will be felt for millenia for which EM only paid $75,000 (after more than a decade and a half of litigation) per fisherman who could prove their loss. Exxon paid more million$$$ to their attorneys to fight the case that was ultimately settled out of court than was paid for the "cleanup" (such as it were) and the "payoff" to the victims (fishermen and others who depend on the sea for their livelihood.) And that is one we KNOW ABOUT because there was no way to COVER IT UP.

A progressive you are NOT.


Then why is Russia perpetually the greatest enemy of all its people (exempting billionaire kleptocrats and their insular social circles) through punishment, deprivation, and economic malfeasance?


... and when the oil runs out, what passes for civilization will crash and burn; and the fewer remaining humans can regress to killing each other with stones and clubs ... just like always.


Gee, I wonder how Rosneft was formed in 1993 after the breakup of the USSR? Putin was forming his protection racket from 1988-1996, which he implemented in 2000 when he came to power (and virtually re-wrote the Russian Constitution to suit his and his fellow racketeers' wants and needs). Petromed, albeit the "state-owned" petroleum consortium, paid for Putin's palace at Sochi (Winter Olympics). He has masterminded (with the help of his comrade kleptocrats) a corporatist-kleptocratic regime or "Kremlin, Inc." Which is not far from what the US dictator-in-chief and his cabinet henchman are in the process of trying to create right in front of us.

You must be tickled pink.


Sad to see Greenpeace jumping on the "Russian interference" bandwagon.


Exxon is f*cking heroic.


Tillerson is the same character who routinely ignores questions from press, and has commanded State Dept. employees not to make eye contact with him.
Gods walk amongst us.


You make it sound like he was a rag-picker who made good. Reality: he inherted million$$ from his father and pissed away hundreds of million$$$ in the 1980's leaving major US banks holding worthless loans that they wrote off. And currently owes million$$$ to DeutscheBank and Bank of China (no US bank will loan him money.) Ugh.


How would you even know he's worth millions - he hasn't shared his tax returns. I'm assuming he is in debt over his head - probably to Russian oligarchs. Yea, I bet you are really impressed by someone who inherited wealth, built some casinos and hotels and had to have his name on everything. sorry silly - or silly sorry.


More like Demagogues who believes themselves to be gods. Once the environment collapses and humanity begins to become extinct these demagogues will realize they are just as human as the people they stepped on.


Which country was the one with the corrupt billionaire oligarchs taking over the government and using it to benefit themselves?


Where in the world are you getting this information on Russia and Putin? The Russian oligarchy was set up under Yeltsin, way before Putin ever came anywhere near the Kremlin. At that time, Putin was deputy mayor of St. Petersburg after publicly resigning from the KGB, not long after returning from Germany as a mid-level analyst - an employee whom the higher-ups at the KGB had never even heard of.


I truly believe that they are fully aware of climate change and that they simply don't care. Right now they can make huge amounts of money and see no reason why they shouldn't! It is like a pickpocket who steals your wallet. He already knows that it was wrong to do. That the loss of money will cause you trouble. He simply doesn't care about that when he goes into a fancy restaurant that you and your family normally couldn't afford and he orders an expensive steak which he savors with immense pleasure.

They know about climate change but don't care to help avoid it. They rather buy a yacht or mansion than think about the future.


I hate Trump as much as anyone, but this Russia conspiracy nonsense has got to stop. There are so many better criticisms of Trump (racist, sexist, global warming, militant, etc.).

Also, is it correct to assume that equal scrutiny was given to the business dealings / corruption of VP Joe Biden and his son, Hunter? Particularly in regards to Hunter, who held a board position with Burisma, the Ukrainian Gas company?

Seriously, the U.S. helps to overthrow a democracy, and then the VP's son becomes a board member of the largest gas company in Ukraine?

This Red Scare nonsense is fun, but it's actually the U.S. Empire that's going after Russia; it's not the other way around.


If you will note I said PROTECTION RACKET and it is not I who termed his "official" reign off and on since 2000, Kremlin, Inc And Yeltsin was Vlad's biggest supporter and mentor so VP has played a role in the creation of his current dynastic regime of kleptocrats for quite sometime.


I wonder if people here are aware of the fact that the Podesta Group was hired earlier this year to represent Russia's largest bank, Sberbank, on behalf of the goal of lobbying to end sanctions against Russia.


So the Democratic Party leadership doesn't have clean hands by any stretch of the imagination here. What's more, they have shown themselves to be incredibly hypocritical on this whole issue.


Public resignation? Yeah, right. He cut his teeth on espionage, assassinations, and other underworld activities and excelled at all. And Yeltsin set him up to become Russia's "New Tsar"

Masha Gessen's biography, The Man Without a Face: The Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putin and a book by Garry Kasparov "Winter is Coming" both paint a vivid picture of Putin from beginning to present. And a pretty one it is not....


Yeltsin was hardly a mentor to Putin. He had heard of him and wanted to bring him in as prime minister in 1998/99 after a string of prime ministers who didn't work out for whatever reason. Putin did not lobby for the prime minister position or the presidency and didn't want the job. He also felt that he needed more time to gain experience before taking over the presidency when Yeltsin advised him that he would be resigning right away and wanted Putin to become president.

After spending 3 years researching and writing on Russia, I can say that there is an awful lot of shoddy material out there about Putin. I recommend Vladimir Putin & Russian Statecraft by Allen Lynch and Putin: Russia's Choice by Richard Sakwa. These are both highly acclaimed scholarly political biographies by academics who did their homework and do not rely on unverified sources and innuendo.

I discuss Putin's background, among other things, here:


The Gulag is calling, Mr. Parry (or one of his "reporters") Save your "special report" for they who know little to nothing about the history of Russia, USSR, CSSR, Russia nor experienced the Cold War.

Putin's "demonization" is not unfounded nor is that of the U S counterpart currently on the throne.


Whoop! There it is. This is what the whole thing has been about, a multi-billion dollar oil deal. Trumps team was to pave the way ending sanctions and everyone makes big money.
How many more of these fuck you's are we going to endure before we impeach this maniac? If he gets away with this we will have more of the same and worse in the future. Bush wasn't ousted so his policies continued.
We need to ruin Trump and show the world we don't tolerate corrupt and criminal money launderers and mafia types like Trump in the government.
If we don't impeach or start it he will continue to fleece America and send us a big F.U.