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'Payout Time': Exxon Seeks Waiver from U.S. Sanctions to Drill in Russia


Well, I can see why you are saying these things. Gessen and Kasparov are very poor sources on Putin and Russia.

Putin went on a local television program and announced that he had been in the KGB and was resigning. He did this so that it could not be used against him. There is absolutely no evidence that Putin was an assassin or any of the other things you are repeating. In another post, I mentioned two very solid sources of information on Putin by independent scholars.


What is that supposed to mean?


Hmmm...all the intelligence agencies would dispute the nonsense claim but in any event you don't have enough information to know one way or the other. Time will tell. My bet is once a criminal, always a criminal. I see no reason to give any benefit of the doubt to Trump.


Hands down, yours are the best arguments yet for the electric car. Very, very clever! The subtlety and sublimeness of your progressivism should be saluted by progressives everywhere. I'm saluting you now; too bad I don't have an instacam.


tx-progressive ...oxymoron, right?


So you know all there is to know about Putin and Russia and have nothing to learn or even consider from those who have done years of in-depth research and have actually been to the country and talked to a cross-section of Russians.

Right. Got it. Thanks for the clarification.


Rosneft recently sold a 19% stake in December and is now only 31% owned by Russia. The purchasers are anonymous via a shell company in one of the tax havens. I wonder if Exxon is involved.


"Great business decision Donald.... becoming President". Tyrannosaurus Rex.


Wonder if Putin will be in power for the next 20 years. My bet is he will be carried out in a box from the palace in 2040 or thereabouts. :confused:


Yeah. Also the Clinton Foundation got a 150 million donation from shareholders of Uranium One who sold a 20% stake to a Russian company that is involved with Russias nuclear weapons program and required approval from Hillary at the state department. Her husband got 500K for a a speech in Moscow in 2010.

Israeli lobbyists, Saudi money, China who recently approved Trumps brands in China, Trump Tower in Turkey. All fly under the radar.


Can only be President for 2 successive terms. Said he will retire after his final term. Bit old to wait 4 years and then run again. They do have a democracy and their MSM is far less controlled than in US. Lot more media outlets than the state controlled media, and a lot of the oligarchs would love to be free of him. Probably more Democratic than Turkey is now


Can you say "Conflict of Interest?"
Impeach Tillerson! NOW!


I wonder if there are any legit reasons why Exxon should be granted a waiver stated in the "application." What possibly could they say that would demonstrate why the waiver is necessary?


Both Trump and Putin really need to go - the US and Russia are literally killing any chance of saving much life on the planet.


Mixa is a dixa


As the Church Lady on SNL would say about Oilman Tillerson becoming Secretary of State after running Exxon, now seeking a waiver from U.S. sanctions for oil drilling in Russia; How Conveeeenient?


It's almost as if the Russia-Trump scandal is just a distraction that serves to cover the bad things both his administration are doing and to give the DNC an excuse to not improve themselves.


What's the hold up, why isn't the FBI done with that long overdue report, let us proceed quickly to the impeachment process dammit.


Not Russia my dear Putin is a huge obstacle against US raw terror and aggression around the globe. Russia just warned the US against any Syria style bombing of Korea and guess what nothing will happen to Korea north, the US fears and loathes Russia.


He, his family and his e corporate crones will benefit and we will all be losers, trump lied and the working poor died.