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Payroll Data Shows Wider-Than-Average Gender Pay Gap in Trump White House


Payroll Data Shows Wider-Than-Average Gender Pay Gap in Trump White House

Julia Conley, staff writer

Days after the White House announced that it had ceased operations of its Council on Women and Girls, the Trump administration released data on its staff members' pay. The data showed that female staffers face a bigger gender pay gap than American women on average, as well as women who worked in the White House previously.


The trump administration or How I learned to embrace sado-masochism.

I’d like to thank the Trump administration for providing so detailed a case study in in the dynamics of late-stage narcissistic personality disorder. It causes one to pause and consider a point of observation that, aside from the supposed financial return, enables appreciation of how people express the reasons for doing what they do.
My appreciation is now sated by the twists and turns given voice by Kellyann Conway and the ambiguity she so assiduously pursued. Behind the failed attempts at poker faces, she has shown me what it means to fall through through the floor while pretending it is not happening.
All in all the work of organizing and developing new alternatives is much more appealing having found the trip release from trump TV torture.


It’s critical that the analysis/reporting compares this administration’s pay gap against previous administrations’.

Since the data is available from 1995 on, thus covering four presidents, I hope someone is (has already?) spread-sheeting this.


If I’m reading this correctly, the problem is not that Whitehouse women are getting paid less for the same jobs, but that fewer women are in the jobs of higher authority. That’s a problem, of course, but not directly comparable to the national stat. And/or possibly women ARE getting paid less for the same jobs, but they haven’t parsed that in the story.

I agree with ThaumaTechnician (above) that a comparison with other administrations could be interesting. But don’t undertake it if it would be a distraction from the more serious activism you are already undoubtedly pursuing. :slight_smile:


Jeffrey, with sexist remarks like that, you qualify for a position in this White House. You might even become “Best Buds” with the so-called president.


WH staff salaries during Obama administration: http://white-house-salaries.insidegov.com/

The list is comprehensive, the salaries equitable and the diversity (men, women, racial/ethnic minorities) is admirably extensive. Quite a contrast to the current cretin’s assembled crew.

DJT has told Melania that she has to slash the number of staffers for the office of the First Lady…probably because the previous staffing numbers were for Michelle Obama and anything related to the name “Obama” must be exorcised. Should not be a problem, though as M. will probably be leaving soon…if she has any self-respect and wants her son to have a chance to become a decent human being.