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PBS Newshour Lies About Single-Payer Health Care

PBS Newshour Lies About Single-Payer Health Care

Ben Schreiner
The fact that a majority of Americans support a single-payer, or Medicare for all, health care system is not news. Or at least it ought not to be news, especially to veteran political journalists.
But enter the vaunted PBS Newshour, which bills itself as "one of the most trusted news programs on television." (In fairness, that's a medium not eliciting much in the way of stiff competition.)

The Newshour on PBS, just like all major American “news” segments, is a joke. They were every bit the uncritical, fawning cheerleaders of America’s greatest foreign policy disaster, as the rest. Whatever vestiges of objectivity they once may have had disappeared when the GOP majority went after public broadcasting at the beginning of this century.

What makes it worse is their straight-faced charade that they are “sober, sincere, impartial, and trusted.” That they are not is the reason I stopped supporting PBS. And then they have Charlie Rose, or better recognized as Netanyahu’s front-man. David Brooks should come to grips with the reality that he is an embarrassment to himself, journalism, and whatever “conservative causes” he supposes himself to represent.


PBS has become just another part of the misinformation mechanism, little different than the radio equivalent —NPR.


Late last year after Putin conducted 400+ bombings against IS oil convoys in Syria, PBS Newshour discussed the alleged 100+ US strikes against the same convoys while showing Russian footage of Russian jets bombing the convoys.
Essentially PBS was lying, talking about US bombings and not telling us the video was Russian. Maybe it’s now Pentagon Broadcasting Service?


Yes. Still makes me sad. I have old cups from the days when they actually reported. Propaganda News Station.


Since I heard this false allegation on Friday, I mentioned this in a comment HERE either Friday night or Saturday, and linked it to Clinton’s PR machine. If that machine gets enough “smart” pundits to lie (or fudge the truth) in support of the Clinton Agenda, it can make Bernie look “radical.” Needless to say, his position on health care is sane, cost-effective, and humane. What it doesn’t do is grant fiscal and political precedence to the Insurance Industry–the blackmailers and extortionists that stand between honest persons in need of health CARE and obtaining that health care.

Note how often another lie is told–that the U.S. is a centrist country even though polls show that a majority of Americans poll PROGRESSIVE on most key issues. And were the TRUTH known about the foreign wars of aggression-rather than a constant drumbeat of FALSE information, a/k/a propaganda streaming in 24/7–I believe that majorities would also poll against wars.

If someone like Mr. Sanders spoke openly about the kind of $ poured into the black holes of Afghanistan and Iraq–and for what? Destroying citizens and infrastructure and ensuring blowback in the form of radical militias coalescing to create a continuing rationale for more fighting/troops/resources to remain–and how THAT money is not going to build necessary U.S. infrastructure, fund schools and Head Start, and keep city water drinkable, etc. THAT would be an unbeatable argument. Of course, Dr. King died for it. It’s very dangerous to call the MIC to the mat.

This is the tip of the iceberg in how the Old Dynastic Families–who demonstrate an American version of “Divine right of king… and now queen”–play dirty.


…What isn’t?

The most effective forms of propaganda are those that can’t be recognized as such.

Therefore, in the same way that Monsanto’s unhealthy, unlabeled, largely untested gene-bending products are everywhere and laced into food that’s even labeled “natural,” the MIC’s infiltration of the mainstream media is equally pervasive and thus far less detectable.

After all, if every major “news” source or opinion program says essentially the same thing, or takes its cues from the same Official Stories/Narratives, the propaganda is so seamlessly in place as to come off as the ONLY viable reality.

Total Information Awareness is not just about listening in to our calls and emails… it’s also related to all that passes for acceptable dialog among the nation’s TV and print media cognoscenti.


There is a reason it’s called PROGRAMING.


David Brooks is a rent-by-the-hour whore for whomever.
Nothing more.


I used to love “All Things Considered” back in the pre-Reagan era but I can’t stand to listen to the CIA/corporate propaganda they’ve been putting out for years. The have consistently moved to the right and become more reliant on corporate backing.


This is what Americans want the most.

“Give all Americans the choice of buying health insurance through Medicare or private insurers, which would provide competition for insurance companies and more options for consumers.”
71% Support
13% Oppose
14% Neutral

It sounds like Obamacare with the public option that was dropped.

There is less support for this.

“Enact a national health plan in which all Americans would get their insurance through an expanded, universal form of Medicare.”
51% Support
36% Oppose
12% Neutral

This appears to be what Bernie is advocating.

From poll of likely 2016 voters
Progressive Change Institute, Conducted by GBA Strategies, January 9-15, 2015


Well, past is not always prelude (or prologue). Paradigm-changes can and do happen… and I think there’s enough energy of disaffection in voters (and citizens all over the world) to produce the kind of momentum the elites may have trouble containing.

How many fingers can be put into how many simultaneous dams?

Dr. King understood that the Universe arcs towards justice. There’s been such immense injustice for so long that I’d like to think the ARC is finally bending in that long-anticipated direction.

I am glad that a lot of people are waking up, and yet it seems like something out of the “Twilight Zone” that a few people I thought were half-intelligent have actually said good things about Trump. But I live in the Bible Belt and there’s no shortage of true believers here.

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PBS News Hour is a bought-and-paid-for propaganda organ of the anti-democratic, corporate U.S. state serving the guillotinable 1%. It was a refreshing new and serious news show decades ago, but was quickly captured by the corporations, like the government itself.


It should be re-named, “The Snooze Hour.”


PBS/NPR serves the Empire well.


To lodge a complaint about Woodruff’s misinformation: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/about/contact-us/

My short note to PBS:

Ms. Woodruff certainly “misspoke” when she said the majority of Americans do not favor Single-Payer: She needs to read the 2014 Program for Consultation study and the 2015 Progressive Change Institute Poll which found that over 50% of Americans support single-payer health care. This includes 80% of Democrats.

She should also read the following:

When people get the facts as to how it will work they support it. Ms. Woodruff has done a real disservice in spreading misinformation. Please see to it that it is corrected.

Thank you.


Could be that the Koch’s have again weaseled into PBS from their cesspool valve!


I think the rot set in when Bob Edwards was ousted from Morning Edition. And, if course, when Jim Lehrer left the News Hour.

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Thanks to “Giovanna” for pointing out the obvious: that instead of just cynical comments, when things like this happen, get active and let your views be known to the appropriate culprits, even if it seems hopeless. Strength in numbers, and all that.

And thanks for the links, Giovanna.

There’s a little too much passive cynicism in some of us today and that is not productive. It takes time to attend to progressive business, but it is well worth it!


I can’t remember if it concerned Snowden or Manning, but I remember Woodruff wringing her hands and asking: Why did he betray his country?

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