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PCCC on Sanders Endorsing Clinton


PCCC on Sanders Endorsing Clinton

Progressive Change Campaign Committee

PCCC Statement on Bernie Sanders Endorsing Hillary Clinton:

"Bernie Sanders' endorsement is the latest proof that the Democratic Party is increasingly unified around big, bold, progressive ideas -- and that is good for Democrats in November.

"Bernie Sanders incentivized Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party to campaign on popular ideas, like expanding Social Security benefits instead of cutting them, breaking up Too Big To Fail banks, and debt-free college -- the most prominent and deciding factor in earning Sanders’ endorsement.


A good way to stop the Trump trek to the presidency, which would be absolutely disastrous for our nation, the world, and planet Earth! Senator Sanders is a unifier with irrefutable integrity and compassion whose intent is to create a more progressive, unified, compassionate political landscape.


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Bernie Sanders did what he thought was best and he did incite a revolution in the hearts and minds of many. I am sorry he felt he had to endorse Hillary at the final hour and this is too sad. She got what she wanted, nothing yet has been gained and if you really think so, I worry about you. A few crumbs sprinkled here and there to make everyone feel better? Wait until the TPP takes effect in a few years and these little concessions will mean nothing. I think , no offense, you are short sighted. Try thinking longer and harder.


maybe he will be vp? maybe hes pipedreaming about that, or maybe she will do it to guarantee a win. who the hades knows. Bout all i can say. if she wins, shell toss him out like a dirty diaper when shes finished with him. i see a country that will be transformed, and i dont think it will take long. will happen so fast it will make your head spin. all im gonna say is God help us all