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Peace Activists Arrested While Trying to Deliver Food and Medicine to Blockaded DC Venezuelan Embassy

Peace Activists Arrested While Trying to Deliver Food and Medicine to Blockaded DC Venezuelan Embassy

Common Dreams staff

Peace activists were arrested at the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, D.C. Thursday for trying to deliver food and medicine to members of the Embassy Protection Collective who are blockaded inside.

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Law does not protect anyone from a government of criminals.
It is actually a bit surprising that they have not yet raided the embassy, after all it is not as if any pretense of legality remains intact.


“These fascistic characters define Guaido’s Popular Will Party”

Yeah, The Socialist Internationale should kick the party out.

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I had no idea this was being done. Am full of admiration for these heroes.


Any calls from the corpress for “civility” from the partidarios del golpe?

Silly question, mis amigos.


The Embassy Protection Collective is much admired.
Hands off Venezuela.


Anyone up for an armed insurrection leading to the Venezuelan Embassy in DC, to deliver food and medicine?

Ex-Military volunteers would be a fantastic addition.


it’s important that Maduro be allowed to finish destroying democracy in Venezuela without any criticism

and shhtheads like Benjamin and flat-out liars like Zeese are really heroes…if you enjoy helping to protect authoritarian criminals like Maduro.

Zeese would gladly have applauded Stalin while he wiped out the small farmers in Russia

Me niether. Just part of the msm keeping important issues hidden. Thanks to CD for spotting this.

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Once again the US shows its contempt for the law. Nobody is safe in this lawless world created by America’s lust for total dominance. We are living through the conditions of a Shakespearean tragedy. As in Macbeth’s world, or Hamlet’s, or King Lear’s, those supposed to embody and keep inviolate the rule of law are in breach of it. Nothing good can come of this.


La guerra nunca es una opción / War’s never an option:

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Maduro is not destroying democracy, the US government is.

Destroying democracy and overthrowing legitimately elected governments is what the US government has been doing for at least half a century. Destruction is in its DNA.


What a breathtaking display of ignorance and bile.



Good to know that this is going on at the Venezuelan Embassy in DC. Bravo to Code Pink and Popular Resistance.

Good also to finally hear some reporting on how cruel and crippling US sanctions have been on the Venezuelan economy. Want to stop the suffering - well, ending these sanctions would be a good place to start.

I’ve heard some of the back story on this Guaido fool. School in DC, been in the bag of Washington conservos for a long time. Elected to the assembly as 2nd place candidate from tiny province. Would love to learn how this unknown got himself elected to be leader of the Assembly.


He studied feverishly in the art of ‘bootlicking’, so that he can now pass on his ‘skills’ to new fledglings whilst they lick his boots.

What is happening in Venezuela is a Class war and Guaido and his supporters believe themselves to be of the middle to upper classes and want to emulate good old fashioned USian greed and neoliberal imperialism and corruption.


Yes. Somewhat akin to most people having never heard of osama bin laden before 9/11.

And if the Trump Administration proceeds to commit to a coup of the Argentine government U.S. lawsuits should be filed against Trump. If it can’t be done through a class action suit, then those that can afford to, should pursue private lawsuits to stop tax payers money from supporting illegal invasions.
We need to get on our high horse Pony Boy.

We must bring the Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse down on his head.

Wanna be one?

there was no democratic election, fanny.

Maduro misused his power to have his chief opponent declared ineligible to stand for election.

the US certainly has toppled legitimate govts during the Cold War, but there is nothing at all legit about Maduro