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Peace Coalition Warns Conservative Militias Threaten Democracy


Peace Coalition Warns Conservative Militias Threaten Democracy

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A coalition of peace groups is sounding the alarm over what it calls a growing trend of violent actions by anti-democracy militias, and say they will work to stem the tide of such forces nationwide.

Ballots Not Bullets was created this year by organizations including the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and the Center for Biological Diversity. The coalition is governed by three principles:


Most people have no problem with secession, but might have hopes that the new is better than the old. In particular, each small state will be more vulnerable to ownership by the big money than they are currently. If you fail to address the problem that our democracy is now owned by big money and big corporations, then your wins would be worthless.

Imagine a Republic founded on, and governed by, the Judeo-Christian Religion where Marriage is between one man and one woman. Sharia Law would be illegal.

It sounds like right wing fundamentalist Christians will absolutely love taking control.

Imagine a Republic where the Constitution is the Law of the Land, Illegal means Illegal, we only spend what we can afford, and only those truly in need feed of the Taxpayers!

It sounds like the rich will love it too.


I took the time to look into the issue the Oregon mine owners have with BLM. This article is extreme in bias TO authority.
The issue with this particular mine is similar to that of now over 100 mines in Oregon which the BLM has marched in sporting armed and armored staff, burned cabins, blew mines closed, confiscated equipment that sits and rots in holding yards unattended for years and years due to court proceedings and does so without due process in very much guilty before proven innocent procedure.
The BLM, like the IRS, DEA, ATF and others, determines guilt, gives some form or notice and then commences to overwhelm its targets with force…see what the IRS did to Gibson guitar in Tennessee or what DEA/ATF/FBI did to Koresh and 80 plus men, women and children in Waco.
Like Congress is doing with bankers getting fines and no time for larceny and outright theft of literally billions, the above mentioned alphabets do the opposite to little guys…care nothing for due process, shoot first, then give Miranda and due process…give it up there Nadia, your whining about little people finally becoming fed up either indicates your head is in the establishment sand or that you have not clue one as to the realities of life in America in 2015.


Militias Threaten Democracy? Militias were established to protect the republic from enemies foreign and domestic. The United States would not exist were patriotic minded citizen soldiers were not committed to the country. IMO, citizens no longer have any control over government, much less the republic itself. Elections are farcical. Police murder and brutalize citizens with impunity. The rich and politically powerful could not be more contemptuous towards Americans as a whole. Corporations have taken control of governments from rural towns to massive cities. Life in America is no longer safe from the hired guns of the ruling elite and not a day passes without another scheme to cheat every citizen out of their birth right.

Don’t mean to be cynical, but there will be war in the United States. It is inevitable.


This is an interesting debate, local vs. Federal, and it’s a shame that the author can’t distinguish between the disparate treatment that the Fortune 500 gets when they pursue destructive mountain top removal (no fines or enforcement applied in the face of big transmultinational money) and the extreme bias Federal agencies met out against small business. It’s as if Federal enforcement, such as EPA laws apply only to small operators in order to wipe them out.

We call this unequal treatment: Racketeering which leads to powerful government-corrupting Monopolies, much as Walmart does to kill off Unions and local input, forcing the public to shop at Wall-Street-Mart or not at all.

Why is the Federal government not shutting down BP in the Gulf after Deepwater Horizon? Why is the Federal government not preventing arctic drilling in the face of widespread documented pipeline inspection fraud? (put stubones49 in search field).

It’s an unacceptable double standard and it has ruined America.


The disparity is immense and growing. The mining thing in Oregon was a bit of a travail in trying to research as the problems were sparingly mentioned in the local media but what I saw had mostly ‘irate miners’ or ‘BLM gets the point’ type stuff indicating obvious collusion in the media and gov’t whirled.
The local courts seemed, surprisesurprise, to give no slack to those who owned the mines…apparently a lot of the mines are hobby mines worked only certain months during the year with cabins and equipment on site.
BLM would serve notice on what claimants describe as petty issues done at petty levels by petty officials and the mines, some which had been handed down in generations, were summarily closed, equipment confiscated and cabins and other buildings burned to the ground, THEN the courts would begin years long procedure…that behavior is what drew the militia type folks into the fray.


…and I meant also to comment that the SPLC is a very suspect organization. They get their skirts in the air about many issues unrelated to poverty or violence in society. They are also very zionist oriented so ‘anti-semitic’ refrains show up often in their complaints to the FBI etc. I hold them as in the same league as maybe a doppleganger of Bob Barr, Bruce Fein and Newt Gingrich.


Thanks for the research on it. I personally hate all mining, but I recognize that it’s going to go on no matter what. Large Multitransnationals export our resources and ignore EPA rules since their lobbyists bribe Washington with suitcases full of cash.

What a system!

I’d rather it stay local, and the money stay in the local community. But the Gambling Houses of Wall Street (They call Banks) will dispatch armed federal agents to steal or block those resources from competing with their trading houses.

At least, that’s what I’ve witnessed so far.


I live in a mining state. The major mines are owned by Canadian and South African interests. Mining extracted six and a half billion in 2012 in this state and paid $160mil in taxes…ummmm, someone is greasing someone else big time. The conservative voters, of course, fall for the ‘hurts jobs’ and ‘no new taxes’, even though the state is pathetic in education, employment, poverty etc. Makes me crazy…I volunteered as a lobbyist in the 2013 session garnering interviews and presentations with 42 of the 62 legislators…I am no longer involved in state politics, after over 8 years in party and state affairs…all that is negatively commented about politicians is not exaggeration.
What especially struck me is that most of the legislators are under 50 with many in the late 30’s to mid 40’s range, and they are accomplished spinners, to your face, with an uncanny glassed off look in the eye when cornered…droneish and vacant would fit…sigh.


And yet these “patriots” are the same people who either idolize racist thugs like Chris Kyle for serving the same government (as long as they’re doing it to brown people overseas) or who are farm league Kyles themselves, happy to serve the government in the military or some Pentagon front company as long as it provides them and their obedient wives and children with free or subsidized health care, housing, and other benefits.

Likewise, they will not only keep the government’s secrets for fear of losing their pensions, but they’ll outright lie to their friends and families about what they’ve done, just to maintain the facade of “defending freedom.”