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Peace Go With You, Brother


Peace Go With You, Brother

When the great Gil Scott-Heron died in 2011, he was celebrated as a poet, teacher, artist, activist, a complex soul of "moral beauty" revered by many Black Americans in tumultuous times as "a part of us." On Thursday, his protégé Malik Al Nasir will finally honor the surrogate father who "meant everything to me" with a tribute concert, "The Revolution Will Be Live," featuring scores of musicians and activists eager to pay their respects to a brilliant, troubled, big-hearted legend who "wanted to make the world a better place.”


Gil Scott-Heron did not feel welcome in his own country, so he spent a lot of time in Europe. Same with a lot of Brothers and Sisters, i.e. Nina Simone. Your music lives on, brother. Yeah, Jimi Hendrix. Yeah, Billie Holiday. Yeah, and on and on. Black lives do matter.


Great article. People either got him or didn't. His body of work was hurt by MTV and all the corporate muzak ( big hair small brain ) junk, too. Life isn't fair.


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