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Peace in Korea Is Still Possible — Just Without America

Peace in Korea Is Still Possible — Just Without America

Ryan Cooper

President Trump has abruptly canceled his much-hyped June 12 summit with North Korea in a baffling letter to Kim Jong Un in which he cited the latter's supposed "tremendous anger and open hostility." Given Trump's record of pervasive dishonesty and addle-brained rambling, it's anybody's guess what his actual thinking was.

Americans want Peace between the Koreas.

Trump and his ilk do not.

Fuck Trump and his Need for Greed.

America is “not” Trump. He’s a temp.

We, are America.


The truth is that from the Middle East to Africa , from Europe to Asia and Latin America, if Countries truly want peace they HAVE to cut the Government of the United States of America out of the equation. A country that spends 1 trillion a year on its Military and has military bases in 100+ Countries is NOT one that will ever want Peace on Earth. They have invested too much in War and their 1 percent profits too greatly off it.


Ryan Cooper should probably stick to national reporting. He appears to have no understanding of the situation in Korea. No one there or from there thinks of two Koreas. They want their country back. Not to mention that there’s at least as much US artillery (and bomber planes, and submarine-borne missiles) aimed at the DPRK as there is from the DPRK to Seoul. What on earth would the DPRK gain by decimating its richer half? Or China gain?

OTOH, how do you achieve peace on the peninsula with the US war machine still in place there?

Really, this was one of the most ignorant things I’ve read in a long time.

I was thinking this with the earlier story on this subject. How awesome it would be if they healed their country without Trump and company. Even better if the two leaders received a Nobel medal, and Trump gets nothing, he might even fire Bolton over it.


The United States liberated millions from Soviet and Nazi tyranny and saved the people of South Korea from living in an Orwellian nightmare. I am proud to be an American. I just hope that the people of Venezuela and Turkey can be saved.

What are you on about? The Russians are the ones that liberated Europe from Nazi Tyranny. The USA only entered the war when the Nazis already losing. They then sat on the sidelines for several years as Russia dismantled the German Military.

More people were killed by the Greek Government allied with the USA and the British in the four years that ongoing then the sum total of peoples killed in the 40 + years of Russian occupattion in those East European Countries.

In the Guatemala alone 250000 poor people slaughtered by that Government because the USA was opposed to land reform where land to be taken from a Banana Company owned by a US firm and redistributed to the poor. This number greater then the numbers killed by the Soviets in Hungary, East Germany, Czechoslovakia , Bulgaria and Rumania combined.


The people of Korea were living in an Orwellian/Atwoodian nightmare as a Japanese colony. The US divided their country without their say-so just when they hoped to get it back.

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The question here is how to be “without America” at all. The US is not an indispensable country on the Korean peninsula, but it may be an inevitable one.

Japan, China, Russia, and North and South Korea each have significant motives to make an arrangement to keep violence off the peninsula. The difficulty is that any arrangement that might accomplish this without the US, the country by far most likely to cause the violence, almost has to amount to something like a mutual defense pact.

The general problem is very old. One wishes autonomy and sovereignty, but hostile foreign powers tend to force one to sacrifice these to unity and strength. In this case, it may become critical how well South Korea or Japan are willing or able to move against the United States or at least away from it, when their societies are so thoroughly penetrated and infiltrated by American business, military, and black ops. Yet there the motive to do so may approach the absolute as these countries continue to be threatened with sacrifice by increasingly reckless American belligerence, particularly against Russia and China.

One wonders how long custom or habit can detain these powers from their obvious need for mutual support.

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You might want to read some basic history. The Russians are the ones that SIDED with Hitler and signed a secret agreement to invade and split up Poland. It was the Russians that ENABLED Hitler to capture much of Europe. It was ONLY after Hitler turned on Russia that they became enemies. What are you about?

Too funny. Korea was invaded by the communists and when the war was over, South Korea became a thriving democracy and North Korea, an Orwellean nightmare.