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'Peace Is Bad for Business': War Profiteer Stocks Plummet After Diplomatic Progress With North Korea


'Peace Is Bad for Business': War Profiteer Stocks Plummet After Diplomatic Progress With North Korea

Jake Johnson, staff writer

American defense contractors were practically drooling over the prospect of all-out war with North Korea as President Donald Trump was recklessly flinging "fire and fury" last year, but Tuesday's summit between Tr


$717 Billion with a B…how many schools, healthcare, clean water and air, housing…the list is endless, poverty for us, great stock value for killing machines. It is a dis-ease, a cancer.


I wonder if it has dampened their dreams enough for them to order their peons in Congress to impeach His (Un-)Majesty, King Tweetle-Dumb?


Not to worry. There are plenty of other countries we can invade, like Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, or even Canada…


I believe this article is engaging in wishful thinking… 5 defense stocks, less than 5% of the companies in the sector, lost an average of 1.22% of value in a day when the Dow was up less than 8 basis points. Somehow I don’t consider this “plummeting”…


Naw, they have the National Security State at their disposal. Most likely they would make him an offer he couldn’t refuse, but he could have an “accident” or heart attack. They know the Dim peons need him and wouldn’t go along with an impeachment - and it would hurt the Rethugs who are more reliable (except for Trump) “partners” in the Duopoly.


Let’s do that invasion thing in alphabetical order, ok? Canada will a tough nut to crack, I’ m sure.


The 717 billion Pentagon Budget , along with the Military spending of all Governments the world over , represent 99 percent of the Revenues of these Corporations.

They would be OUT OF BUSINESS were it not for Government spending and the peoples working for these firms would be out of work , yet the Koch type Libertarians claim a Government can create neither Jobs or wealth.

Some small number of people are getting awfully rich off the Government and no it is not your “Illegal Immigrants”. It is your illegal and immoral wars.


Poor Democrats. Forced to root for a Trump fail on this potential deal.

Oh, and that huge Pentagon budget? Brand D for it in overwhelming numbers. What a shocker.


Make them give back that $717 Billion, now that the war is averted.


Kinda hurts, don’t it?


Just (somewhat) wishful thinking on my part — Pence would probably be just as bad, and could be worse (except for the Drümpf Family’s egregious violations of the Emoluments Clause, of course).


“Defense spending” long ago became code for the largest corporate welfare program in history enabled by the post WWII emergence of the military industrial complex (MIC) that morphed into the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) by the end of the 20th century. “Defense” funding bears little resemblance to actual defense activities…more a function of MIMIC’s ever increasing control of media, gubmit and ever growing appetite for taxpayers’ money.


Ah the good ole MIC.

The Pig that both Elephants and Donkeys gleefully feed.


It’s not just “our” gubmint they control — think of all the other nations that submit to exploitation by U.S.-based (originally, at least) Multi-NaZional Korporations backed by U.S. military power.   Back when our gubmint was halfway honest it was called the War Department, and IMHO it’s high time for its name to be changed to the Offense Department, 'cause it sure is the eee-pitomization of Offensive!!


The war of terror will never run out of nations to terrorize. It keeps predatory capitalism afloat on a sea of blood.


…someday we’ll proly have to raze these types, eh? when things get tight ya’ll have to cut the cord…


Support for it among the Republicans was unanimous, while about 40 percent of Democrats voted for it.


As a libertarian, this article is a positive step. The “profits” of these military contract companies are not real profits anyway, because it is the government that is paying them, not private businesses that can go bankrupt. So the means of payment is not a depiction of real value.

Instead of a bunch of socialist platitudes in replace of military spending, however, we should simply lower taxes and allow individuals to freely spend their money as they desire. Freedom is the answer, not the replacement of one socialist program (military spending) with another (the ever expansion of the welfare state).


Cool. So you can insider-trade based on War or Peace plans? I’ll put my MIC PUT Option on Trump Peace! War? Cha-ching! Peace? Cha-ching! I’m betting that dead bodies are still the most profitable, but why not make a little scratch beforehand?