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Peace Should Be Integral to the Women’s March

Peace Should Be Integral to the Women’s March

Cindy Sheehan, Rick Sterling
Shouldn’t it be a priority to change the policies and acts of economic aggression and military intervention that result in violence, war and destruction? 
"For the past century the US has intervened aggressively against governments the Washington establishment does not like." (Photo: Woohae Cho/Getty Images)
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Absolutely right on this issue. Imperialism underlies all of it and stems from the same patriarchal death cult that drives all the other issues. Sounds like the organizers might be trying to build support for the Democrats rather than building a movement to replace the current duopoly.


Organizers of the marches in our area are telling us to wear blue to the marches to promote Democratic Party candidates.

Lets hope that progressives will be wearing green to the marches.


I just can’t grasp at this late date and never ending warfare, how We The People can stop The Fourth Reich. Since the immoral, illegal invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, the war machine has lashed out to at least five more countries.
Global dominance of Empire, respects no boundaries.
War for dominance and profit is obscene.
The loss of life and waste of taxpayer dollars is staggering.
What a peace dividend could mean for the people of the world and The U.S. is getting harder to imagine. War has become mainstream and seems generally accepted. Disgusting!


Being anti-war means being anti-duopoly.

Both members of the 2-party farce do the bidding of the MIC.

Cindy Sheehan should make that clear, like she did when she said:

“There are some people on the so-called left who might say that we have to circle our wagons around the first African American president. To me, that is racism in reverse because his policies are actually still the racist policies of empire. Three days after he was elected was his first drone bombing campaign. It didn’t take him very long to become a presidential war criminal.”


Cindy, When every media outlet repeats the lie of 911, the war will be endless. There never will be an audit of the money wasted by the Pentagon and the MIC. Zionist media control will insure that Americans will be ignorant of the deep state. War and weapons, God bless america indeed.