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Peace with Iran Is a Good Thing

Peace with Iran Is a Good Thing

Renee Parsons

After weeks of drama with Iranian ‘threats’ and having conducted classified briefings with Congress on Tuesday, acting Pentagon chief Patrick Shanahan, with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo by his side, informed a press briefing that:


Pompeo recently claimed that Iran was supporting Al Qaeda. They pull the same crap as with Hussein. Liars all and the mainstream media buys right into this.

Again I link to this Jimmy Dore clip. In it the alleged chemical weapon attacks that happened in Syria where the blame laid on Assad and which lead to air strikes are exposed as staged. Jimmy Dore always made this claim as did a number here even as Mainstream Media were releasing articles claiming it as FACT.

As Jimmy Dore stated (by memory) “Why does the NYT always get it wrong and why is it when they always get it wrong the conclude war is needed?”

The OPCW , in making their report apparently failed to release the Engineers report which concluded the attacks likley staged. They removed this from the Official report before release. They indicating they are investigating but they are not investigating why the full report not issued with the section that all but concluded that the Syrian Government was likely not the culprit and the incident staged, they are investigating who leaked these pertinent facts.

In this world knowing the truth is a CRIME.

So just remember. When you read the NYT or watch CNN or MSNBC or Fox or listening to members of Governments claiming Iran a threat to the peace, they are all lying.


" While Bolton holds dual citizenship with Israel"

That explains Bolton’s madness with respect to Iran. Pompeo believes the Bible’s end times prognostications so his guidance is also skewed.away from the interests of the U.S.


“There will be no war with Iran”

If some adversary imposed sanctions on us comparable to those imposed by us on Iran, preventing us from virtually all trading, would we consider that to be an act of war that we could defend against?


while I don’t much like the Iranian regime with their oppression of some minorities (e.g. Bahais) restrictions on women, threats to wipe out Israel, persecution of gays and such, they are not the aggressor nation, the US is. Iran has lived up to the nuclear deal, the US has not and pulled out, imposed sanctions to hurt the Iranian people. The US is sending its military around the world to confront Iran, not the other way around. While the Trump regime probably doesn’t intend an actual war we can’t be sure and need to keep some pressure up to try to be sure to head it off.

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This is INSANE.120,000 troops, they must be joking, if not, family members say good by, you most likely wont see you’re loved ones again.
Have I said how insane this is?

Shrub, Pompeo, and Bolton, I can’t think of a better reason for NOT sending you’re kids to an ivy league school. Just look at the total garbage they produce.


And still see little reporting about Trump giving Saudi Arabia nuke technology ??? I would take Iran over Saudi Arabia -----at least Iran has some form of representative government. When will the US stop being a puppet for Israel???


Peace with all is a good thing.

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Was WW II a trade war in the Pacific? Did Japan treat it’s neighbors like Palestinians? Did Frankie Roosevelt let it all happen?

Crisis Initiation Anyone?


Akihisha Nagashima thinks Trump may get Abe to mediate. Japan is close to both Iran and the US.