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Peaceful Activists Arrested in NY for Halting Construction of Methane Pipeline


Peaceful Activists Arrested in NY for Halting Construction of Methane Pipeline

Nika Knight, staff writer

Twenty-one non-violent demonstrators were arrested in Peekskill, New York on Saturday in the latest attempt to stop construction of a controversial high-pressure methane gas pipeline planned to run through residential communities and near the aging Indian Point nuclear power plant.

"Coming off the largest global mobilization against fossil fuels in history, there has never been a better moment to come together to reject the AIM pipeline."—Naomi Klein


Now Imagine protesters being arrested in Cuba or Russia and the play that would get in the Western Media.


Love the oligarchy, embrace it.


A number of months ago a group of people were arrested in nearby Montrose for protesting against this pipeline. This is an expansion of an existing pipeline to bring fracked gas from Pennsylvania to New England. I believe the expanded pipeline would increase capacity by almost three-fold. The Constitution pipeline project through New York was stopped but construction of this pipeline continues. New York State officials and activists have also been trying to shut down the Indian Point nuclear power plants with no success. If someone could stop fracking in Pennsylvania then that would be the end of this pipeline. Activists have been trying but they also have not so far been successful. Of course as this goes on New England should rapidly build solar and wind power facilities and use geothermal heating with electric heat pumps so it would no longer need natural gas for electricity and heating. That is the ultimate solution that needs to be pushed.


In the American empire peace is an expletive a profanity. Orgy Porgy, war and fun kiss the ordinances make them won.


And innocents in a time of extreme evil is complicit.


Yes, it is a moral imperative.


Every act of defiance helps us reach critical mass of opposition. Thanks to all resisters!


Protesters living in their huge carbon emitting houses, driving to the protest in their carbon emitting cars trying to take food off the table of the hundreds of local working men and women on the project. A project legally and properly vetted that is replacing parts of an EXISTING 60 year old line in the existing ROW and improving safety. Lets hear the facts. While we work tomorrow, they can go to NYC and harass more people. Until renewable is economically viable and someone actually presents a privately funded project that can be built now, upgrading the existing lines is a no-brainer. Beats new construction and is a happy medium. But no renewable project can happen because the windmills and panels ruin the view of the same people against this line. Open your eyes and work together with us to bridge the gap to renewable.


Getting arrested is a counter-productive tactic. It cost time, money, diverts focus from the action to the legal issue of getting out of jail, etc. -- I spent nine days in jail for protesting the Vietnam War, guess what? It didn't stop the war although the idealized image of it all may sound nice or look good.

Here's a better idea:

We need to change to election process. We’re being played liked suckers, thinking one of these dominant political parties is better than the other. Both Democrats and Republicans are culpable and both need to be held accountable…Until these elections and political reforms actually made law.


Right now, voting is like being a gambler thinking we can beat the odds in Las Vegas, but the only steady winner in Las Vegas is the casinos.

Top Ten Election and Political Reform Proposals.
1. initiative, referendum and recall for all jurisdictions.
2. Limits on length of election campaigns
3. No political action committees allowed.
4. Independent voters can vote in any primary of their choosing.
5. Term Limits
6. All political offices in elections must have a checkbox for None of the Above.
7. Native American tribes get some representation in Congress they were promised.
8. Methods of Alternative Voting need to be allowed. (Winner-take-all is unfair.) Methods like ranked-choice voting, or preferential voting are needed. Winner-take-all voting is offensive and unfair and not the way it’s done in the rest of the world’s democracies; it allows a ruling class, status quo to always dominate.
9. Some amount of Participatory Budgeting and Participatory Democracy
10. A Cabinet office for Open Access to Democracy should be established


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I have relatives that have been to Cuba and they tell me the same thing.We can have a discussion whether Communism is a good or bad form of government, but one thing for sure: the oligarchs lost billions of $ when they got kicked out by Castro in the Cuban revolution and the oligarchs lost their quisling Batista who thoroughly raped the country.


Thank you for regurgitating the message we get daily from the fossil fuel industry...


The truth hurts.


Last night, there was a little bit of biting TV comedy about our flawed election system. You might enjoy it.

[Note: I can't put links in this post but if you search YouTube for: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Primaries and Caucuses (HBO), it should come up]

Even John Oliver's idea of sending an email once a year to political party leaders struck me as better
than getting arrested (deliberately, thinking it would change something). So hard to find and focus
on effective methods of social and political change, esp. if you don't want your head bashed in.


Part of our USA doing evil seems to be constant complaints about everybody else's "human rights,"
--- While ignoring, of course, our own abuses.


Excellent observations. A true revolution would have empowered the 99 percent and ensured there no such thing as a 1 percent. This did not happen. The one percent remained in power as they are today. They are like the hydra, chop off one head and another takes its place.