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Peaceful Dakota Access Protesters Face Felony Charges, Escalating Police Action


Peaceful Dakota Access Protesters Face Felony Charges, Escalating Police Action

Nika Knight, staff writer

Water protectors battling the notorious Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota are now facing felony charges for peaceful direct actions that halted construction at two sites on Tuesday and Wednesday—a sign that law enforcement appears to be escalating its response to the water protectors.


Clearly the police know which side their bread is buttered on.


Orwell’s “1984” revisited: police state brutalizing/demonizing any and all they deem to be defying the “Big Brother” (Big Oil in this case). Fiction becomes fact.


First appearance of a Jill Stein story on Yahoo just now that I’ve seen in a long tme, covering this story, but also giving a short story of her life and campaign style.


Anyone here ever spent much time in the Dakotas? Particularly North Dakota and the area around Bismark? If so, you’d know that for those of indigenous heritage, the very act of walking about is regarded as tantamount to near felony status by the white population. Prejudice by whites against indigenous people there rivals anything ever offered up by Bull Connor’s South—it’s as if one had stepped right dab in the middle of the nineteenth century there.


I was born in SD, but grew up in Fargo, ND. I haven’t spent much time out in Bismarck. I do, however, challenge you to present some proof of your charge against the behavior of the western ND population. If you choose to paint with such a large brush, proof should be readily available. As for me, I went to school with and worked along side “Indigenous people” and saw no such racist conduct.


Spend three weeks in Bismark.


That’s your proof? It’s barely enough upon which to base an opinion, not even barely enough to support your earlier post. I was in Jamestown 11 days ago for a football game? Does that count?


It’s an opinion.
One based on personal observation from one who’s traveled extensively through the United States over the years and witnessed expressions of bigotry in myriads forms. Of all of the places visited, two stand out in memory for their overt displays of racism/classism, and central North Dakota is one of the two.
You may not like it that I hold such an opinion, nevertheless…
So sorry you’re offended. I was offended spending time there.
It is my opinion that it is nearly impossible for indigenous people to receive a fair hearing in the state of North Dakota—conditions there for them now are little different than those were for blacks in the Jim Crow South.
Judging by the kinds of legal reactions to the protests that we’re seeing, it would appear my evaluation of the place resonates closer to reality than yours. Nothing would please me more than to see justice actually served in the state. I’m not holding my breath.


Still… you asked, and I answered.


I grew up in eastern North Dakota, and i rarely return even though my family of origin still lives there. Each time i do return i become more discouraged about the seriously colonized mindset. I have two nieces that have overcome the toxic white Christian “hateology” that runs rampant in ND. It never felt like a safe home to me since the '70s, when i was the only person i knew who was for amnesty for draft dodgers. These days, with the internet, there is less excuse for the ignorant hateology, but it still appears, as in the rest of rural America, to be the prevailing mindset. It was an astonishing revelation to me that in my third world travels to unsophisticated areas off the world, people were just like the folks i grew up around. Narrow interests and narrower awareness of other ways of thinking. Alternative viewpoints are scarce in whatever echo chamber you find yourself in–whether by conscious choice or environmental circumstances. It’s A failure of education in not presenting a wider continuum of knowledge that would allow people to question the way they have always thought and done things. Much of our education is indoctrination. Anyway, none of this surprises me about North Dakota. I have great fear for the water protectors there, as i have great fear for those younger than me who will have to face the worst consequences of climate change in a world run by the neoliberal cabal. I remember being shocked to speechlessness when my father angrily started Jane Fonda should be shot for challenging the Vietnam war.