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Peak Dystopia': Chicago Police Bolster Distrust With 'Bait Truck' Full of Nikes in Poor Black Neighborhood


Peak Dystopia': Chicago Police Bolster Distrust With 'Bait Truck' Full of Nikes in Poor Black Neighborhood

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

On the same day anti-violence protesters shut down Chicago's Lake Shore Drive during rush hour, demanding the resignations of Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson and Mayor Rahm Emanuel, police in the city launched a sting operation that involved leaving a "bait truck" full of boxed Nike shoes in Englewood—deepening distrust of law enforcement among the South Side neighborhood's mostly


Why aren’t they baiting Billionaires with a truck full of money and Crooked politicians in the financial district?


What a despicable act! Rahm Emanuel must go! Rather than creating a system and society of true equality where all our collective needs and not our greed are met we get this neoliberal entrapment of the victims of the current monstrous system of racism and inequality. Next time maybe that truck should be lit on fire.


Obviously because it is easier to target the poor who have no voice. Time we changed that.


Would it seem a logical disconnect to you to try to “build trust” between an abuser and their victim?

Is the analogy apt?


Any police that participated in this farce of entrapment----including the stupid meanness of the plan maker---- should all be fired NOW. Racist actions from the police invalidates the entire department.


Because their high paid lawyers would beat the charges. Public defenders, not so much.


Rich neighborhoods, gated communities too, they have crime, theft, robbery. At least take turns around town!


You know the US dwindling freedoms are on the chopping block when law enforcement employs dumb big and fat morons with itchy trigger fingers on the force. “I couldn’t catch him so I just shot him.”


Next up. Leave wallets on the ground in poor neighborhoods. When a poor person bends over to pick it up yell “stop thief” and shoot them in the back if they run away.


That would really wrong, but would you feel that’s it’s wrong to consider someone that reached in through a car window to take a wallet a thief?

“Bait trucks” could be considered whats called an attractive nuisance in legal terms but does no one here see the culpability of the people stealing from a truck?


Is the only rule to be that if something is able to be stolen then it’s OK to do so?


Build trust with criminals? aaah heeeeeell noooooo! Criminals are criminals, who cares where they live or what race or religion they are, if they break the law they must pay! Cops to build trust with criminals? Yea right! Gimme a break! Book em all!


…because if you can’t trust a thief, who can you trust?


Close enough.


It is only racist if you believe only blacks are criminals.