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Pells and Prisoners


Pells and Prisoners

Christopher Brauchli

It is only the ignorant who despise education.

—Pubilius Syrus, Maxim 571


Yes lets give someone a prison record which they are required to reveal on job applications and then keep the ones who want to avoid going back to prison and get a job from getting an education that would help them get a job.

Prisons are punishment enough. Prisons should have a program where if an inmate successfully completes various stages of an education that he gets time off his sentence like when he gets time off for good behavior. We’d end up with far less revolving door inmates.

People are not saints and many a person with a good job and a life they work hard to improve have a lot to lose and don’t do things that risk them losing all of it. Those who have nothing to lose…

… fill our prisons.


Let’s consider the following:

  1. If Peace were to be honestly practiced, the GARGANTUAN military-industrial-complex: and that includes its weapons designers, engineers, and arms traffickers–would go OUT of business.

  2. If poisons were not now so apparent in our food-stuffs, water systems, and air, Cancer rates would go down. Where would that put the highly-profitable Cancer treatment centers along with those hospitals that apparently charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for EACH chemo-therapy patient?

  3. If a SANE criminal justice system–and set of criteria–were to be put into practice, where would that put the Draconian system of private prisons, prison guards, judges, and lawyers that now depend upon this travesty?

In so many arenas of our lives, Disaster-oriented capitalists are exploiting situations and using their fiscal muscle to change laws and protocols to suit their objectives.

The lack of opportunities for jobs (or decent paying work) within many urban centers forces an underground economy and a good part of it relies upon drug sales. Those who like to punish fellow citizens tend to thwart any changes that would result in economic improvements to thereby reduce the “extra-judicial” economy. They prefer to set up or maintain the conditions that will PRODUCE a steady stream of “inmates” to supply to a prison industrial system whose infrastructure is now as firmly in place as is that of the make-war state.


We are prison nation. Even the USSR, after the death of Stalin, quickly learned the Gulag was an unaffordable luxury. We are going to have to find some other way of dealing with our intractable problems of racism and class war.


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Im in favor of decriminalizing a lot of things that land people in jail or prison in the first place. Educational opportunities for prisoners need to be expanded. A number of years ago I found myself in jail for two weeks (contempt). We were forced to basically sit and do nothing all day, and some of those guys had been in there for almost a year. Being bored out of my mind, I found a GED study guide in the trash and started reading it. It wasnt long before the other prisoners asked me what I was reading. To make a long story short, within 2 days I was leading a study group for 8 inmates that wanted to earn their high school equivalency. We got through that entire study guide by the time I left and many were excited to go get their certificate. I know that many in jail would like to do something productive with their time, the tools should be provided for them to do so.