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Pelosi Accused of Spreading 'Most Dishonest Argument' Against Medicare for All

Pelosi Accused of Spreading 'Most Dishonest Argument' Against Medicare for All

Jake Johnson, staff writer

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi came under fire from single-payer proponents Thursday after she deployed what one healthcare policy expert described as "probably the most dishonest argument in the entire Medicare for All debate."


P’Loser telling a Fib??   Why, I never heard of such a thing . . .

As noted elsewhere on CD, it’s time to “Primary P’Loser”, and get that worn-out old witch OUT of politics for good.   Same goes for Dirty Debbie Duhbya-Ass, Krooked Shilliary’s right-hand stooge.


This woman keeps getting re-elected: HOW/WHY?!
Schumer keeps getting re-elected: HOW/WHY?!
Feinstein keeps getting re-elected: HOW/WHY?!
Add your own name here: HOW/WHY?!


Does this surprise anyone? Ever since Pelosi said " IMPEACHMENT WAS OFF THE TABLE" and exonerated the war criminal Bush the dim son, for his egregious war crimes and lies about Iraq, most knew Pelosi was just as corrupt as she could be!


And corporate Democrats wonder why progressives rage at them constantly?!?!


LOL - Well THERE’S a surprise!


“Don’t trust” more than rage.

Same way Feinstein, Collins and other old dogs do… they have stolen so much $$$ from us and have taken Bribes from Evil Corps, they can easily buy their way in. Since when do Votes count?


I’m starting to hate her “Almost” as much as Trump! Would love to meet her in a dark alley.

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Yup, so what do you suggest we do about it?

What a shriveled soul, what a nasty human. Pelosi’s immense multi-millionaire wealth cannot buy her a shred of decency.


Equation for 2020:

Pelosi is to Health care… what … Feinstein is to Ecological Integrity


Do these people that like their health insurance like paying far more than people pay in other systems? Do they like the fact that up to 45,000 of their fellow Americans will be dead this time next year because of this system? Do they like up to a third of all spending in the system going towards managing the complexity of this rotten system? Do they like job lock, bankruptcies? There are over 300 million people in the country, and no change in healthcare is ever going to make everyone happy. The question is, do you or do you not support everyone having care? If so, do you have a more efficient alternative than single payer? Is the logic that we are supposed to build up an alternative to the right’s ideas by building on a foundation that has been gutted and will be gutted by right wing judges, a horribly complex, still inefficient train wreck of a system? If not, then single payer being impossible is only impossible because people like HER make it impossible.

She is a train wreck, all around. A person totally out of step with the needs of today. Telling that she was tapped to lead the party again in the House and that the party right now has no one to her left that was even willing to challenge her. Hard to have any faith in her dying party, especially given that while DSA candidates are increasingly winning, people like her are still firmly in control of her party. Her party has no alternatives, no solutions to any of our problems, it is crippled by corruption and mindless group think, and it is internally undemocratic. It is almost as if people like her want to prove that her party cannot be reformed to make it more than the rotting corpse it is.


This sellout limousine liberal also said -
“We’re capitalists, that’s just the way it is.”
Pelosi and Feinstein are a disgrace but they keep getting elected because the DNC machine makes sure that they have no viable opponents. The rich donor class wouldn’t have it any other way.
To hell with both of them. California deserves better.
BTW, I’d bet that an article like this will never show up on the so-called “Democratic Underground” website. They love these fucking DINO-saurs and talked up Hillary constantly and threw crap on Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders during the 2016 campaign. They also hate Glenn Greenwald for reporting the truth. Right now they are talking up Joe Biden! Pathetic.


She reminds me of Cruella de Vil


HELLO Everybody! I’m a complete idiot. Yep, you’re looking at Ms. Doofus. I mean I’ve never got this thing about pies being 3.14? Doesn’t it make more sense to cut a pie into 8 pieces? How do you cut a pie in 3.14 pieces anyway?

So, let me explain why the Affordable Care Act is so good. You see it will naturally over time lead to Medicare for All. Isn’t that wonderful? Yep. Excuse me a second, I have to stand and applaud Donald Trump again as he just said something about how bad Venezuela is and how we’ll never be a socialist country.

Okee- where were we? At my age I don’t always remember everything. Oh, I was explaining how the Affordable Care Act will lead to Medicare for All. You see when we get to Medicare for All everyone will be in one plan and everyone through taxes will pay into the one plan to Medicare with no companies making money off it. Now, the Affordable Care Act has tax money going to the companies making money off health care and forcing people to buy plans, so many confusing plans from those for profit companies. Doesn’t it just make sense that that will slowly turn into one where those companies are just out of the loop?

It makes sense to me. What’s that? You don’t understand? Well, let me explain more. You see it’s all about the values we Democrats have always stood for and will keep standing for. Doesn’t that make sense now?

Well, I gotta go. I have a bunch of phone calls to make to insurance company execs and pharmacy execs the rest of the day. A Speaker’s job is never ending, got to keep those donations coming into elect our Democratic stalwarts, you know!


Pelosi = Clueless, a combination of old age and living off government and lobbyist sop all her adult life. Employers have always been little more than health insurance premium collectors. There was a time employer based health insurance was looked upon with a sense you and I paid with our deferred wages. Now there is not the least pretense, it comes directly out of your pay. A massive pay cut that has not been made up with pay increases.

Then there is Obama/RomneyCare, the insurance and pharmaceutical wet dream, that Pelosi said was her first priority … to save.


Been done. She lost.

Didn’t matter. They are corrupt. She had her goons throw away the ballots.


We know that the current government corrupt system of the best money can buy means that politicans owe allegiance (VOTES) to their donors. Which is why we need to get the politicians out of our healthcare and make a direct connection with doctors…Improved Medicare for All would do that …And all those people I know who stay in horrendous jobs just for the insurance…will be set free. No more serfdom just to be able to be treated by a doctor. .


Pelosi is a coporate shill who has been in office waaaaayyyy too long.