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Pelosi Accused of 'Trying to Do an End-Run Around Her Own Party' by Sending Spy Powers Bill to Conference

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/28/pelosi-accused-trying-do-end-run-around-her-own-party-sending-spy-powers-bill


A party that chooses to be led by Nancy Pelosi or Mitch McConnell is manifestly corrupt, and therefore, unsupportable.


Don’t fret folks, Lofgren, Schiff, Nunez and Nadler are on the case. What could go wrong?
Nancy is a fascist. Her only argument now for voting democrat in 2020 is “sure, we’re fascists too, but we’re the good fascists”
Un-fucking believable


Dear Nancy Pelosi:
I am trying to figure out what you are doing. Doesn’t that amendment about "unreasonable search and seizure, " make what you seem to be doing----- as insane and anti-American?
It is getting difficult to tell the GOP and The DEM people apart.
After that Mr, Clapper person told Congress that yes, he lied and had spied into their work–and too that GW Bush( who was in the Air National guard in Texas) and GW just decided to stop going and never had any consequences about that-------so I guess it was just easy to lie about starting a war too.
Why do so many in government want to spy on so many citizens a when those same government people also are seeming not to care about that amendment?
Oh and stop with the patriot stuff, because remember as so many school kids know that the word patRIOT does carry a double message. Maybe you missed that!


Pelosi, Shiff, and Chuck the schmuck Schumer couldn’t care less about your freedoms.

Has any of them ever explained that the US attacked itself on 9/11? (Which the laws of physics and the collapse of WTC 7 at precisely the acceleration of gravity – per NIST – proves with no doubts.)


Word, sir.

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What Glenn Greenwald, Aaron Mate, and Matt Taibbi have been warning about Adam Schiff makes more sense now.

Love to hear why Nancy and Adam are so against protecting people’s civil liberties.


My husband, who is a sociologist, said at the time that the most interesting thing that happened in his opinion was that the Bin Laden family was allowed to fly out of the country on their private jet. This is when all the airports were closed.


I’m voting Revolution 2020.


Well, there’s a fuckin surprise; Nancy and Chucky and the others ignoring the people and honest representation to serve their own highly questionable interests! How long are people who either still support the now corrupted concept of a Democratic Party, or feel they have no choice, going to tolerate or allow the dictatorship of a few? The private corporate entity called the Democratic Party is ignoring all those millions they ostensibly serve or represent - that’s BS, they serve themselves and that reality is exemplified by this and countless other Pelosi deceits and actions, over and over and over! Enough!

We have two arms of the US dictatorship in the Republicons and trump regime nutters and the betrayals by the entrenched DINO “leadership” frauds! WTF?! Democracy? Honest representation? moral compass and dedication to the Common Good? all done and gone, which is what this feckless cow and her crony fellow DINO sellout fraud “leaders” need to be!


J. Edgar is rolling over in his grave

Laughing his balls off

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I give this country a year or two at most before it completely burns itself to the ground. The corporate oligarchs will steal everything before then and their political puppets like the fucking bitch Pelosi will help them do it while she stuffs her face with her oh so preciousssssss boutique ice cream as her grubby hands take a cut for her services to them. Democrats are worse than the Republicans now. What a fucking shithole country. I am ashamed that I was born into this monstrosity of a nation.


Because their corporate oligarch owners demand that they do so as a condition of receiving their endless bribes funneled to them by corporate lobbyists. We all recall how Nancy wanted a provision in a proposed bailout bill that would give government money back to those very same lobbyists which they could then give back to her. The corporate oligarchs are afraid of any uprising against them and need all the spying they can get and Nancy is all too happy to oblige them.


Deleted content. Please ignore this double post. Not sure how it happened.

At no point night and day does my seething endless hatred for Nancy Pelosi cease, and all who are in her circle. Perhaps even more so than my hatred of Trump. I feel insulted even having seen her picture.


I appreciate your sentiments.

I want to hear from Pelosi and Schiff themselves why they oppose protecting people’s civil rights and rights to privacy in their own words. Had hoped this and other articles would include that/explain that. I want to whole picture explained, so that people can judge what Pelosi and Schiff are doing based on primary sources, not each other’s opinions, regardless of the analysis…


Good luck ever getting the truth out of them without the obligatory lies and rhetoric they feed to the citizens. I hope you get what you want from them. Personally I gave up on all of them years ago as I know when I am being screwed regardless of their words otherwise.


Long overdue time for Nancy, the closet Republican to resign.


The party that she would have had to “do an end-run around” no longer exists. I wonder how many of their current representatives Democrats would have voted in had they ran as Republicans. I am thinking that the percentage is small and probably ought to be smaller.

We need another modus operandi, folks. Waiting for an election and throwing away a vote at a major party has failed definitively. It is not that change has not been accomplished; it is that the change harms rather than helps us.


It appears that some people posting here aren’t quite enamored with Nancy. Well, for the first time in about 30 yeares Nancy is facing an opponent in the general election that is to her left, way to her left. Because of California’s unique and unfair electoral system Nancy is being challenged by a progressive (a real one) instead of a republican. His name is Shahid Buttar and he is the real deal. You can find his website by doing a DuckDuckGo search. He is our only hope for a sane response to Trump (and Biden).