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Pelosi, After Railing Against AOC and Others in NYT Interview, Tells Critics in Caucus Not to Vent Criticism on Twitter

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/10/pelosi-after-railing-against-aoc-and-others-nyt-interview-tells-critics-caucus-not


Sure, keep your comments in house where they can be smothered by the corporatist majority. Shut up. Go along. It’s war–unless AOC and company decide to leave the party. On one level that is a course that makes the most sense; on another, it might be stragetically unwise. I just don’t know. I do know we need a party where AOC, Omar and others are welcome and valued. They are not valued by the Dem majority.


So Pelosi, unfettered in her venues for critism of other House Reps… thinks she is the boss of other independently elected Reps.? Fuck that. I’ve said it before: this old hag is way past due to take a very long walk in the woods.


Pelosi is showing that she’s a smug, arrogant, prideful, authoritarian rich (it rhymes with witch).
She gives a magazine interview slagging progressives, then tells progressives not to defend themselves in public.
She’s in bed with Trump, protecting him from impeachment, as she did to protect W. Bush and Cheney from investigation for lying us into wars.
This lady is an enemy of democracy, and it’s astounding that people in her district keep voting for her.
She and her husband became multi-millionaires AFTER she took office, and I’m sure she used her political power to enable that.
Time for her to resign or be primaried.
And I hope AOC and other progressives take the gloves off and expose Pelosi, Hoyer, Manchin, Schumer and the other sellout corporate neoliberal Dems for the traitors they are.


I think Trump got into her head and Trumpatized her.


Pelosi is showing signs of the decrepitude that comes with age. Hand gestures out of sync and the twitch with her mouth like she is chewing left overs from lunch. But so many people in the media act like she is in the top of her form. Not really. This is the “leader” that let her majority slip away and lose a thousand seat around the country to Republicans and she did all that while raising hundreds of millions of dollars. Well, what can I say, she’s a party girl. She is acting more like Trump every day. She envies the youth and vitality of those she marginalizes, not to mention they score with numerous inspiring ideas.


So, she can go to the media and attack, dismiss people, but they should not do the same, shouldn’t fight back and attack her in public? She brought this all on herself, could have just kept her corrupt mouth shut and not went after those to her left. She went on the House floor and paid tribute to Pete Peterson. Her leading her party in the House says a lot about her party. If only she fought the right and her largest corporate donors as much as the relatively weak left in her own party, we would be in much better shape.


The “child-abuse caucus” won’t even allow a simple, up-or-down vote on Medicare 4 ALL.


"Do as I say, not as I do."

Too much money and power has rotted the Nancy Pelosi brain.


Salmonella in the “sausage”


Pelosi sez:
“So, again, you got a complaint? You come and talk to me about it.”

Um, could we just skip the middleman and pour our complaints directly down the Memory Hole? Asking for four friends.


I truly hate Nancy Pelosi and I have seen something lately that makes her even more like that Orange Pustule in the Offal Office that she enables with her spineless bullshit. Pelosi seems more and more to simply reject criticism even when it is more than justified. She is 78 years old and the years are definitely taking a toll on what is left of her humanity and principles. She rules over the House with a sickening and money-influenced agenda that largely dismisses anyone (especially folks like AOC) who represent a threat to her tired, “New Democrat”, incrementalist horseshit. At a time when it is vital that the Demos present a united front against Trump and his evil enablers we get this pathetic insider and her fellow sellouts like Hoyer, Schumer and Feinstein who actually believe that they have to play nice with this bunch of ruthless near-treasonous bunch of Rethug scum like Trump and McConnell.
We are witnessing the ransacking of our country on several levels and many of the Demos are just standing by and watching it happen. They are beyond disgusting.


It’s almost as though she’s trying to lose the House in 2020.
Oh well, as long as her and the Clintons get to stay rich, I’m sure she doesn’t care.
The GOP plan set forth in Lewis Powell’s memo has come to fruition. The republicans have become fascists. And the democrats have become republicans. There is no left at any level of government, anymore.


Fuck Pelosi. Peterson was the asshole billionaire who worked to get Social Security and Medicare removed and replaced with market alternatives. He went around the country attempting to confuse people about the benefits they received from these programs along with right-wing blowhard Alan Simpson.
It is infuriating that the people of the city and county of San Francisco will not get rid of this spineless (and very, very rich) sellout. Her political machine is very powerful. She is not only an exemplar of the “limousine liberal” but of the rot that is eating away at what is left of the Democratic party.
“It’s a BIg Club, and you and I aren’t in it.” – George Carlin


There are only the few leftists like AOC and the DNC will do what it can to primary her next year and get someone elected who Queen Nancy approves of.


She’s lost a step. I can’t see Pelosi from 2006-10 talking to Maureen Dowd—Maureen Dowd of all people!—about members of her caucus this way. She’s never been a great public speaker, but the self impeachment nonsense only makes her seem more disconnected. The damn “Problem Solvers” caucus is her real problem anyway.


The fact that Pelosi sees social media as an enemy says it all…time for ol’ Nance to be put out to pasture.


The purpose of the Democratic Socialist of America (DSA) is to offer leftists the appearance of having a place in the Democratic Party without actually giving them any power. The Working Families Party was shown to be a ruse and the DSA is just another variation of the same. Leftists need to realize the Democratic Party is a corrupt, corporate, neo-liberal, millionaire gang in a death spiral, so progressives need give up on the idea of reform and abandon the party.


Not to vent criticism, eh? Of course, put it in writing, paper and pencil, and watch your complaint get squished before anybody can read it. Pelosi, just LEAVE.

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