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Pelosi, After Railing Against AOC and Others in NYT Interview, Tells Critics in Caucus Not to Vent Criticism on Twitter

The very last thing these Vichy Democrats want is a Democratic political majority at any level of government. Their mission is to prevent such a disaster.

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´"I’m here to help the children when it’s easy and when it’s hard," said Pelosi. "Some of you are here to make a beautiful pâté but we’re making sausage most of the time."´

Clearly! That´s why she was talking to the Times when members of the Progressive and Hispanic Caucuses were investigating conditions in the c-camps. Pelosi´s a sausage-maker, all right!

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Unfortunately, it is difficult to make being the victim of suicide seem like a better option than being the victim of fratricide


Pelosi is the leader of the left-wing of the Republican party: neoliberals, neocons and nincompoops. Her supply-side trickle-down nonsense only benefits the few and the rich; Kansas is absolute proof!

Congress is a cesspool of greedy rich people who think they are smarter than everyone else … because they think their money is proof. Always question authority, this capitalistic establishment is built upon past greed.


She is being primaried. Check out Shahid Butter. Donate if you can.

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Here’s how I see it:

Pelosi knows she can never be Speaker without a lot of Blue Dogs from moderate-to-conservative swing districts in her caucus.

To protect that right-leaning flank of her caucus, she makes certain that their prerogatives – moderate, repub-friendly, window dressing legislation – win the day, RomneyCare and this latest immigration funding bill are prime examples.

Nancy represents a district brimming with tech$$-fueled limousine liberals, socially progressive, economically inclined to protect their special status: Her devotion to the working class has always been arm’s length at best.

Every few cycles, the swing districts swing back to Republicans, and Nancy’s efforts to appease the right flank are exposed for what they are: An excuse to only pass watered-down, corporate-sanctioned mush that accomplishes nothing, with the added feature of demonstrating to voters that the d-party is useless, and demonstrating to progressives that the d-party has us by the nutsack.

It’s that uselessness that Nancy ought to think about. Voters can see through Republican Lite – they can see that a party offering incoherence is little more than a tinfoil wall against a ruthlessly consistent posse like the Rs. When the voters want change, 3,000 pages of RomneyCare doesn’t cut it.

When Boehner was outflanked by the Freedom Caucus, he at least had the dignity to resign. Nancy’s strategy is to scold and look…well…incoherent.


Pelosi is right. It’s time for the Democrats to show a united front.

But since for the last thirty years or so it has been the progressives in the party that had to accept the big money corporate leadership position, it’s now the big money corporate part of the party that has to take it’s turn for the next thirty years or so and acquiesce to the progressives position.

Except that d-party has never had a united front. What they’ve had is a big tent where D leadership pretends that intra-party compromise and working across the aisle is what matters. But for 30 years, the r-party has dictated the terms of debate and the moderates in that big tent have thrilled.

You say it’s an era in which the moderates can be overwhelmed. I’ll believe it when I see it.

The perpetual excuse-makers seem to have disappeared. Out of embarrassment due to their constant wishful-thinking?

Some time ago, they were saying how “Pelosi has a plan, you’ll see! She has a plan to destroy orange, you’ll see! She has more information than we do, but you’ll see, she has a plan. We just don’t know what it is yet. But we will.”

I’ve heard that same pabulum from Democrats about “Democrats” since 2000. The only plan they have is to serve as enablers and as a fake-opposition party most of the time. Pelosi knows that the voters of San Francisco will continue to put her in the House no matter what she does. They vote on partisan name-recognition and most probably couldn’t tell me a thing she’s done.

It’s quite obvious what her plan is, but as usual, it’s the opposite of what the wishful-thinking partisan Democrats thought it would be:

This picture says it all: I think the caption should read, “I look forward to working with you in your second term and rest assured I’ll make your time in office as successful for you as possible. You can count on me.”

The image won’t show. But it’s of Pelosi warmly shaking orange’s hand.


Reading the high strung comments of: “THE SQUAD” one wonders if they realize that there is another election coming up that is going to be much more challenging than the last one. This is a time for cold calculating strategy not Trumpish loud mouth rhetoric. Some of these people are going to find themselves back waiting on tables.

So what is Pelosi’s strategy, pray tell? So far, all I see is rule out impeachment, pass Repub-friendly legislation, run ridiculous proposals like paygo up the flagpole and watch no one salute, and alienate the progressive base.


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1st let me say how much i admire AOC. she’s smart, informed and passionate and having watched her on youtube in Congress and other video clips think she is sincere and not full of herself.

Pelosi is what she is and certainly more corporatist than not but she’s also smart and deeply familiar with how American politics work and has been fighting a pretty good fight (all things considered) for a long time.

Not sure what her thoughts were/are re her dismissiveness and tone deafness re AOC and “the squad” but not cool at all.

AOC and the squad scare the bejesus out mainstream politicians both Dems and especially the Republicans and good for her - she reflects the pulse and hopefully the future of a better America.

all that said i think the Dems by necessity need to be a big inclusive cooperating tent and am saddened to see the vitriol in some of these comments re Pelosi.

agree with Michele Obama’s comment and the idea of taking the high road. think that will serve much better than conflagrating the differences with vitriol and hateful attitude vis a vis the Democratic Party.

Republicans can go rot in hell lol


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I find it disrespectful to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to write her name as if it’s the name of some corporations or organization like the ACLU, for example, or PG&E. People reading this site outside the US likely have no idea what “AOC” means unless they dig around a bit. No one writes NP for Nancy Pelosi or writes initials for anyone else’s name. It’s just Alexandria’s name they have to mess with. It’s still correct to refer to her in short form as Alexandria Ocasio. (Ocasio is her father’s last name. Cortez is her mother’s last name. See Latin culture).

She’s been “primaried” here in San Francisco several times by Christie Keefer and Cindy Sheehan (they’re the ones who come to mind), only to keep her job with the overwhelming majority of votes. Like Feinstein, she doesn’t even campaign here. She doesn’t need to. Her job is guaranteed based on partisan name-recognition. San Francisco is not the same City it used to be. The San Francisco that most people probably think of that we had a reputation of being for decades is gone. The City has changed considerably in recent years. It’s quite a conservative and very conformist City today having shifted to the right. It’s a playground for the super-wealthy and the Bay Area is known as Billionaire Bay. Shahid Butter has his work cut out for him. I suspect she will keep her job as she consistently clocks in with 78% of the vote regardless of voter turnout when I check the San Francisco Department of Elections results.

tried to fix it, couldn’t - no disrespect meant

Other people don’t find it disrespectful–or at least, no moreso than FDR, JFK, RFK, LBJ, and MLK.

“People reading this site outside the US likely have no idea what “AOC” means unless they dig around a bit.”

Probably the same as for FDR, JFK, etc. Assuming that she is famous in their league seems an odd form of disrespect.

“It’s still correct to refer to her in short form as Alexandria Ocasio.”

AOC (which, by the way, is the name she uses for Twitter) had these words to say about attempts to shorten her last name:

“My last name is Ocasio-Cortez. Full stop. That’s my name.”

So she appears to accept AOC or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, but anything in-between is hazard territory.

I think it’s a given that some “other people” don’t find it disrespectful since her initials are what this site uses. My comment was specifically referring to current politicians. Not those from decades past, which I suppose by now, whose initials are cemented in people’s mind.

I think it amazing that no one seems to be placing the blame on Pelosi for inciting the riot. She is the one that got Trump going with her comments to the NYT. Trump was able to join Pelosi in browbeating the women which resulted in his crowd chanting “Send her back”

I thought democrats signed a loyalty oath. Since when do you beat up on your own colleagues?