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Pelosi and Schumer Ditch White House Meeting on Budget After Trump Says 'No Deal' on Twitter


Pelosi and Schumer Ditch White House Meeting on Budget After Trump Says 'No Deal' on Twitter

Jon Queally, staff writer

President sabotages his own legislative summit on a budget deal by telling Democratic leaders deal unlikely just ahead of meeting


“The imbroglio sparked by Trump’s tweet now increases the prospects of a possible government shutdown if a budget deal cannot be reached before a December 8 deadline.”

Awesome! If the government shuts down, all its wars end! The Dreamers won’t need protection because there won’t be any ICE agents to deport them! No legislators left to come up with ever-worsening ways to screw the poor! When the Koch brothers and Goldman Sachs call for more handouts, they’ll hear a recording that the phone number is no longer in service!

That is what it means, right?


Seems to be to be a great deal because “their” government wasn’t working anyway. I’m kinda sick and tired of our government being held hostage by a few wacko-righto’s that are hell-bent on selling our Republic and it’s Constitution down the river.


:slight_smile: I wish!


I’m sure Chuck Schumer is a millionaire many times over and he has the very best health, dental and vision insurance. So why the hell can’t he afford a pair of bifocals?


The GOP should relate to this since it was a primary tactic of theirs when they were the minority. As far as increasing taxes–taxes on whom exactly? Trump does not say but, yep–raise the taxes on the wealthy


Naw, the military isn’t part of the shutdown, they’ll continue to murder women and children as they always do. The civilian government workforce will be affected and with Christmas looming and much money already spent on black Friday, cyber Monday, giving Tuesday, losing paychecks will hurt. They eventually get paid but not in time to save Christmas. Shutdowns have no bearing on the military. Sad but true.


One of the big problems I see is that they always ,(both sides) always try to sneak some action within a big bill, like tax or military) and because of the immense size it gets through with little or no scrutiny. That’s why laws, even the most arcane and stupid, get passed. Both sides play this game as Schumer and Pelosi are doing.(to save the Dreamers) This is the biggest tax scam since the 80’s when Reagan passed the big tax breaks that have bankrupted America. This version is as bad or worse than the original,(sorry I don’t have the time the explore thoroughly) and will screw average folks in many ways not yet brought out of this travesty. The good folks with GOP Representatives and Senators need to email or call to announce their concern. This is important!!


Another sad pathetic day for the resistance. The democrats will shut down government for a simple provision related to the dreamers. That’s it!! You must be kidding me. On a day that republicans just increased middle class taxes to pay for a tax cut for the rich, this is the best the democrats can do. This party is truly dead in the water.


Until 50% or more of the voting electorate realize that neither of the Duopoly parties are worth a spit, we’re all pretty much f*€ked by our own fellow Americans.


I would imagine if your life and fate depended on this move by the Democratic leadership, you would be more supportive? Being a Dreamer in 2017 is not easy…


well, it’s hard to fault your optimism here…:slight_smile:



You are drinking the democratic centrist koolaid. They clearly picked a issue that has no bearing on any economic interest, what so ever, on this country. It’s called identity politics and grand standing. The corporate sellouts like Schumer and Pelosi play it every time they don’t have the guts to do something real.

Why not shut down government for single payer health care or 15 dollars an hour, something that has real impact. It’s because it goes against their donors’ interest. You’re being played and you need only look at the usual corporate sellouts behind them to see what is going on.


Don and his wrecking crew could not care less if the government shuts down.
They would prefer it.


Nah, not being “played.” Just have different priorities. Evidently, the fate of these young people means less than nothing to some, so they are dismissed as irrelevant. Not buying into your blather either…


Ah yes, when one’s argument falls apart, hide behind identity politics and pretend you hold the high moral ground. The problem is that the electorate saw through this empty ploy in 2016 which is why we have Trump.

The democratic party will continue to lose until they draw a line in the sand and stand up for middle America. Fifty percent of Americans live at or near the poverty line and the democrats need to tackle that issue head on. And once again back to the obvious. If you’re going to shut down government, make your demands relevant to the traditional working class base of the democratic party. Minimum wage and health care, it’s not rocket science. It’s sound policy and smart politically as it drives a wedge into the faux popularism of the Republican party. Dreamer legislation just adds fuel to the Republican fire and ensures the working class continues to drift away. But then again, democrats seem uninterested in winning, they just want to party with their donors.


The Republican game is ALWAYS “Divide and Conquer”. They want to con us into abandoning the Dreamers, who are part of Us, just as they want to con us into abandoning our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico. I stand in Solidarity with the Dreamers AND with the people of Puerto Rico. If protecting these groups of our “family” results in a Government shutdown, fine. Bring it on! “Our” Government has dragged us into WARS for lesser reasons. This is a chance for The PEOPLE to tell Corrupt Power "NO! You will do this OUR WAY! This is about doing what is right for people who are being screwed over by the Elite Few and WE WON’T STAND FOR IT!


The issue is not whether you stand in solidarity with Dreamers and what should be done. It’s that Trump won on the backs of dreamers and other immigrants, using this faux populist hammer to beat up on the democrats, highlighting how they sold out their base. It was effective and will remain effective until the democrats deal with bread and butter economic issues of the working middle class. If democrats champion a 15 dollar minimum wage or single payer health care, they win big as Trump and the Republicans are exposed for what they are. But if you go with dreamer legislation first, trump wins by positioning himself as a fearless leader, stopping immigrants from taking your job. Xenophobia works when the economic conditions allow it.

The working middle class has been saying this to the corporate wing of democratic party for decades and but they won’t listen. They would prefer to lose voters than upset their donors. The working middle class has a bull$hit detector highly tuned to the democrats and their duplicity. Betrayal is a powerful emotion and it’s what drives a significant portion of Trumps base.

So do you want to win big or lose again? Then it’s economic issues first, dreamer legislation second. In that order, democrats have a chance.


With the IQ45 in ‘power’ it’s shut down every day due to his ineptitude. If it happens it’s just the latest case of SSDD.


Orange-Butt Trump was pouty when Pelosi and Schumer didn’t show up for the photo-op. He is such a fool. We don’t need a congress when the “ruling party” allows only members of its party to govern, so go ahead a shut down the government. I’d be happy if it lasted the next three years!