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Pelosi: AOC Wing of Party Is 'Like Five People,' Dems Need to 'Hold the Center'


Pelosi: AOC Wing of Party Is 'Like Five People,' Dems Need to 'Hold the Center'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi dismissed the left wing of her Democratic Party on Sunday, saying the number of outspoken progressives in Congress is "like five people."

Speaking to CBS's "60 Minutes," the California Democrat said the group aligned with freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez needs to learn to toe the party's center line.

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time for the voters of Pelosi’s district in SF to recall her. she is not the leader the dems need right now. nor does she represent the move to the left of many of them. ugly



How can anyone treat this corporate shill with respect?



The number of progressives in the D party may be only five, as Pelosi suggests, but they represent far many more engaged and informed citizens—a fact which she would rather not dwell on, for obvious reasons. Stick a fork in her, she’s done.



Ah, Nancy? They have no where else to go. I mean those centrists. Aren’t ‘centrists’ pro-choice folk who are economically conservative? They can’t go to the rabid anti-choice GOP.

So play to the progressive base and trust that the centrists have no where else to go.

(Hey, if they can make that argument, it’s time we just turn it on its head back on them.)



Hey California! Thanks for putting this %&%$#! back in her office AGAIN! I thought you people were Progressives!



With a clear conscience I will refuse to throw away my vote by supporting a center-right Democratic candidate in 2020. All that has happened since 2016 could have been avoided had HRC decided to open up the ten and support policies that progressives favored–thus inviting them in. That same resistance, featured in Pelosi’s remarks, will cause me to do the same in 2020. I can’t give words to my anger and my frustration at Pelosi’s stubborn blindness.



Don’t blame all of California, she’s a rep and most of us have no say in her election.



Sadly, she has more than enough money to flood swamp her district with ads and door-knockers, so it’s almost impossible to “primary” her.  The RePoopLickens weren’t the only beneficiaries of the ‘Citizens United’ decision . . .



The word ‘center’ has no meaning. It’s an empty term. But let’s not forget that Democrats held the center last time, staved off Bernie Sander’s insurgency and nominated ‘centrist’ Hillary Clinton. How did that work out for the Dems?



Pelosi while claiming on 60 MINUTES that (she) is the progressive in the party, denounces the main progressive issues on the plate.
If she is as tough on dems as she has been with Trump, well the ship will start taking on water, and those five or so democrat bilge pumps won’t be enough to keep the ship afloat.



The beginning of the recipe for defeat. You won’t vote for a centrist Dem which means that you’ll throw another vote Trump’s way by not voting or voting for a third party candidate. That’s how Trump will win with a 44% approval rating. I’ll bet you on the other side the most progressive Republican will be casting their vote for Trump even if they find him despicable. Do you know why? For Republicans the perfect is the enemy of the good. They all come together and rally around their candidate no matter what. They then wait for people like you to march off voting for people like Jill Stein or stay home and then they win.



Pelosi forgets that the center is the people, not sold out politicians. And that the people mainstream wants what those five public servants want, not what corporate “centrist”, or neoliberal Democrat politicians want.
We know AOC. She is a progressive. And Pelosi you are no progressive.



Like Diane F., Pelosi is around 80 years old and in my view both should become the Rodney Dangerfield’s of the Democratic Party.



Pelosi sez:
“The Affordable Care Act is better [for our corporate patrons] than Medicare, there’s no question about that. The Affordable Care Act benefits [to our donor class] are better.”

There. Fixed.



I suppose to be a little bit more fair to Nancy, we can assert that she has taken the mantle of progressive, if she admits to having been a conservative democrat. But then we progressives should also admit that the new progressive is what used to be the (loony left). Not sure about that though. Any help?



Code talk for more corporate money.



She is a power hog egotist and will never lead our nation to the progressive era we so desperately need. I saw the recent Molly Ivins documentary last night and one quote in the movie that I’ve heard said before by Jim Hightower about moderates: " There’s nothing in the middle of the road but yellow stripes and dead armadillos…" This woman reeks of capitulation.



So true - the people were desperate for change and in their desperation many voted for Trump. I wonder how many of those would have voted for Sanders had he been on the ballot? A lot of people wanted to throw out the mainstream politicians and bring in someone different. It was a big mistake but I can understand the desire for something different.



Has she been tough on Trump? Don’t really think so. Remember she told us that Impeachment is off the table. She is a turncoat.