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Pelosi: AOC Wing of Party Is 'Like Five People,' Dems Need to 'Hold the Center'


Never mind what she says on TV, we’re going to have to push and pull her in our direction for the next year and a half because we need her in that leadership position–After 2020 she can be retired–The new progressives in the House must use Nancy and not get used by her.

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And Bernie’s event on Fox last night is scaring the hell out of that wing



How many people have given up voting because there is not a good, progressive choice? It takes leadership not afraid to step away from the “mainstream” mantra and paint a picture of a better, more progressive future for the people in the trenches (the voters). We are waiting and the democratic party has failed over and over again to provide what we are looking for. Finally we have some of these courageous individuals and the middle is trying to marginalize them.



Sounds to me like it is Pelosi’s view of the Democratic party that is what is skewed and out of line with the view that most registered and voting Democrats reject. Another DINO trying to overturn the party of Roosevelt.



I don’t think she is needed now, her experience is of a different era, and mostly useless for the changes and improvements that need to be made in the Democratic party and America in general to take us back to the Democratic party’s worker roots.

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Look, there is no mythical secret mass of progressive voters waiting to hear a magical message that comes their way. If you want to believe this myth, feel free. I don’t. It’s what people want to tell themselves to avoid challenges like low-voting rural white voters coming out because of anti-immigrant hysteria in 2016.



I’m from rural Illinois and it is mainly about the destruction of the economy for much of rural america and the industrial midwest. This did not happen only due to republicans but the democrats like Clinton and his NAFTA debacle. Things have gone straight down since then. People feel betrayed by the mainstream…and are looking for someone outside of the mainstream. Pelosi is just more of the same and it doesn’t sale well. People want hope for their future, their children’s future, fairness and honesty. Sanders (or even Warren) has the message and I think he/she can go toe to toe with Trump.

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I’ve lived and worked in deep red northeastern California and things aren’t going as well as they used to up there either. Logging isn’t what it was and government provides the best jobs, generally speaking, outside our unique crop. Yet, confederate flags and NRA stickers on pickup trucks abound, and people keep electing right wing stooges. I remember when Bill Clinton was a much-hated liberal to many of these folks. They aren’t stupid, they just don’t care about what we do. We aren’t special people with awesome knowledge to divulge, we are liberals who want the government to give undeserving people free stuff with their tax money.

Also, Clinton left office with higher approval ratings than any modern president, including Reagan. He was also the last democrat to win the White working class vote twice. You can’t ignore those facts with blithe statements about “what people really want.” Sometimes, in some places, people just don’t want what you are selling. And you are fooling yourself if you keep ignoring what polls clearly showed in 2016: typical low turnout rural voters in places like Pennsylvania came out for Trump because of cultural triggers, illegal immigration, etc. Trump pounded that message for a reason.



The old antique confuses now with last century. Electing-her to power may have been a tragic mistake. This is an entirely new reality a reality of AOC and ANTIFA. This isn’t the age of “MAKE NICE” trusting to institutional “NORMS”. The opposition is stark and committed to violence. I’m just deeply dismayed at how many representative are willing to trade their souls for a free trip to Israel.



The liberals are not even trying to connect with these people. They’ve basically abdicated. There is even a sort of censorship in some of these areas. Doubt you will see many Michael Moore movies shown. When people are ignored and they see the democratic party as something for big cities and New York and San Francisco - yes, they are going to rebel. There needs to be a wake up call and somebody needs to reach out. I think Bernie can and will. Elizabeth Warren has the smarts and ideas but she is probably too intellectual.



Add Peter Paul Mongomery Buttigieg to the list and I’m on board.



The catch is they think you are a liberal too. Non-liberal progressives, Justice Dems, what-have-you’s don’t matter—they are intra-Left labels for us to fight over, not them. Most wingers I know in rural areas think HRC is a liberal, Bernie is a crazy commie, and anyone to the left of Rush, like Never Trump conservatives, are bad for the country. Hell, I’m a communist to some of my family members. This weird idea some progressives put out there that they just “know” it’s all about economics is just excuse-making. We all want to take their hard earned money and give it to illegals while giving “free” stuff—read, healthcare—to undeserving people. I’ll never understand the strange paternalism some progressives project on people who oppose their political philosophy.



You are partially correct about Trump, but if you are truly interested in the Trump cult, review all you can find on what Stephen Miller and Steve Bannon have said and written. Trump didn’t design this horror show by himself. Trump owns very little of this script, he reads it directly from Miller who probably memorized (Mein Kampf). Fear hate and a promise of a happy after life are powerful motivational tools. And don’t forget to create a boogie man, the Muslim.



No disagreement from me there. My only point is this pretense that wingers et al. are just waiting for this perfect progressive message is just that—pretense.



If Bernie was so unacceptable to these fly over states - then how did he win the primaries in Indiana, West Virginia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana and North Dakota? Not exactly California or New York.

It wouldn’t surprise me if some of the current candidates are not plants by the DNC establishment to undermine Sanders. Harris comes to mind. She can talk all liberal on social issues but will probably tow the line when it comes to taking care of Wall Street and vested financial interests. See how the money is flowing to her. Maybe the Clintons have thrown her a secret fundraiser.



His “voters” weren’t his for the general in rural areas, they were Trump’s. Multiple exit polls demonstrated that many of his voters in red states had no intention of voting Democratic in the general. West Virginia is a standout example. He was the not-Hillary candidate.



So were people telling lies or playing games? I don’t buy all of the exit polls. Bernie swept across a vast stretch of middle america. Were they all playing games and telling lies. Don’t think so. I’m cynical but not that cynical. He pulled huge crowds in some of those states as well. Don’t tell me people aren’t looking for dramatic change which the DNC and Hillary are not going to bring about.



There’s your feelings and there are the numbers. Voters told pollsters they were voting for Trump in the general. More to the point, caucuses aren’t exactly representative samples of voter sentiment, which is why several states ditched them for the upcoming primary. Plus, you can pull large crowds, but still lose by large margins. Mondale had one of the largest political rallies in American history in ‘84 on the eve of the election, but got stomped, right?

Look, you can feel what you want, but the numbers aren’t in your favor. Sanders lost by a fairly wide amount. At the same time, his name is out there and he’s a frontrunner now. I just don’t think he’s the progressive messiah like some folks here do.