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Pelosi Frustrates Progressives by Stalling Pro-Labor Bill While Pushing Trump's Trade Deal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/02/pelosi-frustrates-progressives-stalling-pro-labor-bill-while-pushing-trumps-trade


Golly gee, it’s almost as if Pelosi holds up pro-union legislation on purpose.
I lost track but this easily pushes the tally on why-I-don’t-vote-Democrat past 1000…just useless.


Sorry for the second lead-in comment but I had to note that the photo accompanying this story is like a grotesque souvenir shot from a tourist trap wax museum. Damn.


Pelosi Frustrates Progressives…

Yea, all of the Republicans have a way of doing that. Regardless of which side of the aisle they sit.


Yea she does look…eh… waxy


Democrats once again give labor the finger and join a republican screw you labor trade deal. Claiming moderates need it to get elected. I’m sure their constituents are ringing the phone off the hook wanting another NAFTA and telling them that Unions are bad.
What a fu$king joke they are!!
Bernie 2020
Because we all see through corporate dems lying BS

Also note: dems joining republicans to condemn China for ill treatment of Muslim minority…are you kidding me? The United States military has killed probably a million Muslims in,the Middle East wars.


As Ross Perot said of NAFTA during the 1992 election: Listen for the giant swooshing sound … as manufacturing jobs headed south then east.

The Clinton Mafia put a horse head in his bed and Ross dropped out of the race. Said it was in the best interest of his family.


Pelosi is the best friend Trump (and Bush while we’re at it!) ever had. 'Member “Impeachment is off the table?” Ukrainegate was rigged by Pelosi in advance to fail. The photo tells it all.


There’s no way that this woman should be thought of or treated any differently by progressives than Trump is. Just look at the photo, Posing with Donald Trump is the highest honor of Pelosi’s lifelong service to the republican party…


This is not exactly the first time:

Sorta proves the old adage, “Birds of a Feather Flock Together.”  Only one problem — they are out of costume:  Tweetle-Dumb as Raunchy Balboa and P’Loser as the Six Billion Dollar Broad Hooker.


Here is a case in point of how Congress can be very non-democratic and in fact quite dictatorial. As Speaker, Pelosi has the power to dictate what bills get voted on and what ones do not. It’s the same in the senate with the Majority Leader. Committee Chairs are lesser dictators at the committee scale. Some might contend that without giving these individuals these special decision-making powers, nothing would get done. But having these “rules” opens things up to serious abuse of power and potential corruption. They certainly are not democratic.


good lord, democrats are dense.

“i don’t understand why Nancy persistently ignores anything that could benefit a single ordinary American? Golly!”

Rahm(en) described this retched rank and file perfectly.


I smell the troll in those who would give the election to the republicans by not voting because the current speaker of the house is a corporate puppet. Clearly what is needed is new leadership in the House. Pelosi has shown that she is a very clever career politician who can pretend to care about the people while taking money from corporations.

If you believe in democracy, you will support the party with congressional members who support the Green New Deal. Supportr progressive Democrats or lose America to global interests.


“…the giant swooshing sound”

I believe Ross Perot’s phrase was, “giant sucking sound.”


Pelosi has gotten away with this betrayal of voters – and
supporting right wing for much too long –

Is she afraid of Trump, or does he have something on her?

Meanwhile – Believe she is worth something like $127 million –
and credit is given largely to husband Paul Pelosi in this article –

How much does a Senator make? An average Senator makes $174,000 per year. As Speaker of House Nancy’s salary is boosted to $223,500. All Senators receive a small write off for D.C. living expenses and travel. They also receive full life, insurance and retirement benefits.

Pelosi is of Italian-American descent. Her father, Thomas D’Alesandro Jr., was a Democratic U.S. Congressman from Maryland, and a Mayor of Baltimore. Pelosi’s brother, Thomas D’Alesandro III., also a Democrat, was mayor of Baltimore from 1967 to 1971. He declined to run for a second term. She graduated from Trinity College in Washington DC, with a B.A. in political science. She married American businessman Paul Pelosi in 1963. Paul owns a venture capital, financial consulting and real estate firm called Financial Leasing Services, INC. Thanks to Paul, the Pelosis own large stakes in companies like Facebook, Apple, Comcast, Shutterfly and the Walt Disney Co. Paul Pelosi also owns a few office buildings in San Francisco and commercial properties around California. In 2009 Paul spent $10 million to buy the Oakland Invaders United Football League team. The team, which was soon relocated and renamed the Sacramento Mountain Lions, was eventually shut down. They have five children and eight grandchildren. When in San Francisco, the Pelosis reside in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. They also own a vineyard in St. Helena, California, that is valued between $5 million and $25 million. Nancy is very active in the Italian-American community, serving as a board member of the National Organization of Italian American Woman, as well as, serving for 13 years as a board member of the National Italian American Foundation (NIAF). The NIAF gave her a Special Achievement Award for Public Advocacy in 2007 and she continues to be involved in the foundation today.


That feckless cow is no good - except to give cover to the trump crime organization. Pathetic complicity and betrayal from pelosi!.


Pelosi appears to be Republican Lite, a colluder, although we can be glad she’s brought forward at least one of Trump’s impeachable crimes.
And please, let’s not insult cows. They’re innocent sentient creatures–Pelosi definitely is NOT!


“Pelosi is so utterly devoted to serving her donor class friends.”

Nancy’s power in the House is due to having the biggest slush fund (PAC) to bribe/threaten democratic congress-critters. Steny’s fund raising among the donor class is why he is number 2 in the House.


I don’t understand why people are surprised by what Pelosi and the democrats do. Since Nancy took up the gavel she has been helping republicans screw us over. I think people should stop expecting democrats to do anything that will help main stream Americans. She has shown us who she is and even said it. “I’m a capitalist.”
I believe her. Others should too. We only have one party in congress and that’s the donor’s party.


It’s the Benjamins baby!!!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$4