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Pelosi Joins McConnell in Deferring to Trump on Acosta's Future Amid Growing Calls for Labor Secretary to Resign

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/09/pelosi-joins-mcconnell-deferring-trump-acostas-future-amid-growing-calls-labor

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Trump claims to have had a falling out with Epstein 15 years ago. Well, okay.

But here’s what he said about Epstein in 2002:

“He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”

Testifying under oath in 2010, Epstein pleaded the fifth when asked by prosecution: “Have you ever socialized with Donald Trump in the presence of females under the age of 18?”


If Pelosi didn’t charge Dubya Regime operatives with war crimes she sure as heck isn’t going after Acosta for enabling Epstein’s bringem young escapades (not to be confused with Bringham Young).


federal prosecutors insisted that Epstein go to jail, register as a sex offender, and put the world on notice that he was a sexual predator

So how did that work out, Acosta?


Anyone have an explanation for why Speaker Pelosi is seemingly ALLERGIC to bringing RICH & POWERFUL WHITE MEN to ACCOUNTABILITY??? What’s the deal? How come she cqan (try to) BULLY freshman members of Congress & PROGRESSIVES–but, REPUBLICANS, RICH CREEPS & Tme Most CORRUPT PRESIDENT in our history–nah–they get a pass. And the Corporate Democrats keep wondering WHY a growing number of Americans either vote Third Party or (more often) DON’T VOTE AT ALL…it’s because NOT ONLY is the GOP evil, but, the Corporate Democrats are SPINELESS & can NOT be counted on to fight for anything.


Calling Nancy Pelosi a centrist is too mild! We might as well have elected a Republican as Speaker of the House. Didn’t like the idea of her in that position from day one…


Why no mention of Robert Mueller’s role, much more important?


Wasn’t it just recently fhat Pelosi ran as the Democrat Speaker of the House?? Must have been a mask for this GOP Lite politician!!
She seems to be doing her utmost to support the Orange Cheato for re-election, at this rate !!


Hi Eveneve:
I wondered if Nancy had grandkids----yes—9 grandkids. I also googled her political life , as he father was a politician on the East Coast. She’s accomplished a lot as first female ever SOH, but lately, she’s seems to be different than she was, and that translates into—who is she working for?

I also found an interesting quote , although I think it was early on in her career, when she spoke to a reporter named Joe Feuerlerd who wrote for the National Catholic Register…I am not sure when the quote was made but it is interesting considering the decision to let Acosta alone even though he does not seem to care abut people in general—and now I am wondering about what rights Acosta thinks kids have.

But not knowing the context, here is what Nancy said in a prior interview:
“Any of us who decides to put our young people in harms way creates a responsibility for their consequences.”
I hope she meant that and that she acts on it because kids have been harmed by Acosta’s actions of NOT protecting the kids all these years ago and letting the pedophile walk away from any prison time.

Just one more reason to despise Pelosi - that she could side with that odious POS McConnell on anything. She should be branded for what she is - a spineless Trump enabler. What sickens me about this is that she must be confident that no matter how she sells out the American people she will not have to pay for it at the polls because of the powerful machine of DNC scumbags who will assure her re-election next year. Pelosi is not only the epitome of the term “limousine liberal” she is also a symptom of how rotten to the core and how solicitous of special interest money the Demo party has become. Gore Vidal was right - the Demos and Rethugs are just two wings of the Property Party.
Lets all wait an see how Pelosi tries to badmouth AOC again instead of fighting corrupt, right-wing trash like McConnell.


What Trump claims, especially when he is trying to save his shameless fat ass, is usually pure horseshit. Remember how he once denied knowing anything about David Duke when the facts were otherwise. Trump is quite behind the emerging race war in this country and is an out and out racist POS. He has lied to people 10,000 times!!! It is amazing to me that this pile of excrement has any credibility at all.


Acosta resembles Ted Cruz. They both have the kind of face you just want to punch.

Especially when they smile.

Nancy whatever only bullies those who are vulnerable and do not pay for play.


AMEN to that!!  P’Loser & O’Bummer should roast in hell for eternity for letting Cheney & Co. – along with Mnuchin And His Banksters – off the hook in 2009.

Hard to believe Tweetle-Dumb wasn’t envolved along with Epstein, and who else with lots to lose — and lots of clout to avoid prosecution.  Barr?  Clinton??  Giuliani???  Kavanaugh???


People in high places were involved in this. This very dangerous for Mr Epstein.

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I’d call Nancy Baloney a bitch but that is too good a word for her. A Bitch is a tough mother who will defend her pups to the death. That ain’t Baloney. She’s purely and repulsively the c word.

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. . . and NOT just Jeffrey Epstein and Alex Acosta . . .

AMEN!!  P’Loser should resign along with Acosta!!

. . . and take that hypocrite Dirty Debbie with her.


The only explanation I can think of for the behavior of Pelosi, Schumer, Hoyer, et al. is that they, and/or their spouses/partners/families/friends are as guilty, as complicit in wrongdoing of all sorts, as all the Reps, including Trump and his appalling band of followers. Nothing else explains what these so-called Dems have done and are doing. Apart from the Progressives, the Democratic party is a total mess. When push came to shove I’ve always held my nose and voted Dem, but not anymore. The Dem “leaders” are completely untrustworthy: they will lose the party a lot of formerly loyal voters. In this country, and all around the world, our backs are to the wall and people can’t and won’t go along with “business as usual” - that way doesn’t work, it’s why we’re in the mess we’re in. Friends and family won’t vote Rep, but we won’t vote Dem for the likes of the current Dem party power brokers.


She is not progressive enough, old school and not showing leadership at a time we need it

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Pelosi needs to pack it in. She serves no purpose as she passes on the most relevant issues and is not doing her job. She’s too busy counting her money. Let her do that at home. We need a new Speaker!