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Pelosi Plan Not Good Enough: Lower Drug Prices Now Through a Pharmaceutical Public Option

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/20/pelosi-plan-not-good-enough-lower-drug-prices-now-through-pharmaceutical-public

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Brown sez:
“The speaker argues compellingly that drug prices that are multiple times the cost of production and sold in the U.S. for multiple times prices charged overseas are a sign of market failure.”


Would not a shareholder in Big Pharma rather see this as a sign of market success?


Pelosi is a corporate loving piece of shit. Democrats get rid of her she sucks as a representative of democracy. She has been bought off years ago.


You beat me to it on “not good enough;” I was going to write, “What about Pelosi is ‘good enough’?”

As to “treason” —The elements of “Treason” have been narrowly, succinctly, without change, and with clear precision specified and limited by the U.S. Constitution since June 21, 1788, the day that the Constitution was ratified by New Hampshire, the 9th of the then 13 states to do so.

Clearly the framers saw the danger of permitting “treason” to be attached to all and anything that an accuser thinks heinous.

Our side especially should see and be restrained by that danger as well.


Everybody loves free market capitalism until they don’t.

Where’s the free market when you cap how many drugs you can negotiate prices on?


The simp and the sellout; neither worth a damn to people struggling in the corrupt system of vulture capitalism, including the fight for strong immediate climate action, no more wars, health care industry and big-pharma in the time of trump. The predatory big-pharma parasite should be nationalized, after-all much of the drugs they now sell for profit were funded by taxpayers, but they profit and the people suffer!

This tepid move by the un-dynamic duo is just a diversion from the rip-off by big-pharma so many politicians benefit from and demand for real reforms and more (as numerous other corporate parasites should be subject to)!

Along with the for-profit health insurance “industry”, corporate health services,:, Big-Pharma is a major reason health care costs are astronomical and criminal! The 'old-boy" network of political corruption assures that profits are number one, and campaign-contribution the coin of the realm! Both the simp and the sellout are servants of the status quo, whether it be big-pharma or health insurance, and Americans pay for their corrupt loyalties.


Pelosi has been called one of greatest Speakers of the House of all time.

Yet, when it was time to pass ObamaRomneyCare, she had to cave in to conservadems at every turn and in the process, transform what could have been momentous legislation into an insurance industry life saver. Some contend that that was her plan all along.

And still, even after watering the bill down repeatedly, 34 members of her caucus voted against it. She lost her Speakership shortly thereafter when all of those Blue dogs went down to defeat – but she didn’t lose her love of raising big corporate money to help elect --you guessed it – more conservadems.

It’s because of spineless leaders like Pelosi that so many voters stay home on election day. They know who she works for and it ain’t the average American. That she’s continuously re-elected with support from Google, SalesForce, and Facebook limousine liberals in her ultra wealthy district is a testament to our national descent into oligarchy.


Capitalism in one of it’s ugliest forms. Absolutely nationalize pharma. Call it socialized medicine if we want, but call it affordable too.
My pet peeve is that middle income people pay full inflated prices, while for others there are discounts and freebies all over the place. Standardize please.

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Compromised policies always flow from compromised principles


No, she didn’t cave to conservadems. She facilitated the neoliberal agenda and every turn.


A plan from Pelosi well always result in pain for we the people and profit for the phamaceutical industry.


I constantly hear about the drug companies overcharging people for their drugs, {a pill that costs 50 cents to make costs $5.00 } What people don’t realize is while the 2nd pill may cost the drug company 50 cents, the 1st pill may have cost 350 million dollars to make {years of research, trial and error } before they find one that works. Are they not entitled to at least get their investment back and make a little profit ? After all, they are just like any other business, they need to make a profit to survive.

You’re just wrong, Paul:

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Looks like you are ignoring the costs of developing and testing new pharmaceuticals, many of which end up not being good enough to be sold.

All I could think of while reading about the 250 limit was that it was because they’ll start with all the drugs that don’t profit them and it’ll take years and Pelosi will get her cut in the meantime. Maybe each year they’ll pick a couple of good token drugs that benefit the people a little just to keep the masses pacified. These Centrist Dems are as bad as the Republicans.


Good.The neoliberal agenda is the intellectual box she’s in, and that whole form of capitalism. She and her political allies can not even visualize the parameters that limit them… It’s why AOL and the “squad” scare the daylights out of her, and have pushed her way to the right, as now.

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Who is the most dangerous to the American people, Pelosi and Schumer or Trump and his gang of criminals? Were surrounded but we will prevail.

The author is in fact saying just that, though in different words. Both of you are correct.

As Skeptic points out, you have your numbers wrong by a wide margin. Your suggestion that they are entitled to get their investment back and a “little” profit is certainly true. Economically, profit is payment for the use of capital, so a cost, so part of the cost of production, although accountants count it differently. A 7% annual return on investment was considered quite reasonable until a couple of decades ago. Now it begins at about 20% and stretches into the hundreds of percent, driven by the lenders (banks and the bondholders). VIRTUALLY ALL BUSINESS IS DONE ON CREDIT; THAT IS, WITH BORROWED MONEY.

Their posted profits are AFTER all of those costs are added to those for successful products.