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Pelosi to Wall Street: Ignore Warren. Dems Still Love You


Pelosi to Wall Street: Ignore Warren. Dems Still Love You

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

U.S. House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Wednesday told CNBC that there was no "consensus" among Democrats that the Obama administration should enforce stricter regulations on the financial industry, highlighting a growing intra-party divide just as the 2016 presidential election begins to take shape.


Of course there is no “consensus” among Democrats that there should be stricter regulations on the financial industry.
The Democratic Party long ago sold out to their Corporate Masters.

Pelosi to Wall Street: Ignore Warren.
Main Street to Pelosi: Ignore Pelosi.


Pelosi to Wall Street:
Ignore Warren. Democrats love taking your money as much as Republicans do.


Why does the media continue to question Hitlery Megathatcher’s position on fast track, TPP, TTIP and TISA ?

Based on the Clinton family’s track record of zealously promoting “trade deals” and other actions that benefit the 1% at the expense of the 99% in their roles within the Party, the White House, the Cabinet and Congress, the Clintons unequivocally support fast track, TPP, TTIP and TISA.


Exactly. But the media want us to think that she might have a progressive bone in her body, especially with Sanders garnering more and more of the vote. Hats off to the labor leader, too.


But… but…

Chris Christie! Scott Walker! Jeb Bush!

Don’t you lefties understand? We truly have no choice but to support Hitlery Megathatcher, otherwise we’ll end up with one of those horrible Republicans! Think of that!

Christie or Walker or Bush! Oh my!


Ruthlessly corrupt men vs ruthlessly corrupt women. Blech.


Why do they call them political “parties”. Parties are supposed to be fun, not places where hope goes to die.

I hope Pelosi makes Liz angry enough to join Bernie and win!


This might be a good time for non corporate Dems to exit their party.


Pelosi’s party is so weak in her home state of California that the current democratic party governor won the election with the votes of only 18% of eligible voting age citizens.

What does this mean? People are so sick of Nancy Pelosi and the other corporatists they boycott the elections. Hardly anyone votes anymore coast to coast; the last Massachusetts primary could only muster a 13% turnout.

Democrats hide behind republican crazies. Very few people listen to any political party.


Of course you make an important point. Democracy is not compatible with corporatism. And ours is now a corporate state.


That 18% figure is not unique to California. The 2000 election -er putsch, saw the participation of just 17% of the eligible electorate.


This sort of circling the wagons that you see going on among the Democratic Party elite is very telling indeed. What it means in the short term is that The folks over in Hillary’s smoke filled room are beginning to take notice. It may also mean that Hil the shill is starting to hear the ghosts of 2008 stirring out in the democratic graveyard.
Poor queen Hillary. She thought this was to be simple coronation at the convention, followed by ticket tape parades on the way to a November landslide. How dare the hoi poli cry for better bread, and more circuses? We had better hope she doesn’t win now, as she will excise revenge on all the skeptics that had the unmitigated Gaul to question her integrity.
The Clinton revenge tour will make the night of the long knives look like a pillow fight.


Pelosi’s office: (415) 556-4862. Call her staff and let them know how you feel.


It might be a better time for non corporate Dems to take over their party.


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Once again proof: Loyalty to class always outweighs loyalty to party or ideal.

I will never forget Pelosi ranting about how, if the Dems regained the House, they would prosecute and/or impeach Bush. Immediately upon winning? It’s off the table.

I’ll never call myself a Democrat again.


Pelosi is just another mindless chaser of the notoriety of public eye. She can go suck eggs with my two sellout Senators Murray and Cantwell.


The big difference there is that Obama was only a Social Democrat while Sanders is a Progressive Democrat through and through.


MH–I think its time to face facts. A Green candidate has less than zero chance of winning the Presidency.
If you can get a Green to enter the ace via the Demo party and that candidate can win the Brass Ring, then zero goes to 50/50. Try it.
Tell then drop the pidlling hope and back Berney.

The key to win 2016 is to fire up the non voters who would sit it out.—and will continue to sit it out if Bill’s Hill gets the nod.

There was a big surge in voters in 2008—Those voters got slammed right with the swear-in. Can they be brought back? Shur Greens–back Berney and strike up the band.