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"Pelosi's Terrible Idea": Speaker Wants to Change Tax Code to Benefit the Wealthy in Next Stimulus Package

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/31/pelosis-terrible-idea-speaker-wants-change-tax-code-benefit-wealthy-next-stimulus


This is who the d-party establishment hails as a brilliant leader.

A corporate-owned sock puppet who routinely does the bidding of McConnell/Trump/Mnunchin while touting the crumbs she fought for to throw to the little people.

And here she goes again.


Years ago I knew someone who was coming down a ladder with a sledge hammer. He jumped part way down and ended up under the hammer. Skull fracture. I say this with all sincerity, “ Nancy climb a ladder with a hammer!”


Taking a dive in the first round, JHFC can we see a list of your donors? I expect to be sold down the river from republicans that’s what they do but this nation cannot thrive with opposition parties that do not oppose. So far the democrats who control the purse strings are rubber stamping the republicans all the way down the line.


Pelosi has to produce for her donors. They have a never-ending appetite for more and still more. The only remedy is to defeat her and support her opponent, Shahid Buttar. Check out shahidforchange. I can’t provide the entire website.


I have no words, except…
I told you so.


what precisely pray-tell is the purpose of means testing a tax cut that already will only really effect the already wealthy?

the median income in the US for a household of 2 adults is 36k / year…

this tax cut will be wholly beneficial to those whom already have more than enough.

the neo-liberal party establishment, hiding republicans in plain sight for 40 years…


There is something so rotten and destructive in the political world it cannort be fathomed in all its evil. This feckless cow has almost always sabotaged progressives and the democratic/Independent base to serve the wealthy and trump regime as she screws the 99% .

The fact that the DINO Party is a wholly-owned subsidiary is made more and more apparent with every freakin day and pelosi’s power to manipulate and dictate policy for the millions has gone bat-shite crazy - not unlike thr malignant trump as he lies and dictates for millions - the collusion and betrayal is beyond criminal to treasonous…

How will the American people respond to this latest pelosi sellout? It is clearly not anyway to win an election, so why would this rotten harpy float such a betrayal, and why do not some Democrats at least denounce her sabotages and betrayals? Fear of losing position? Money? campaign-contribution bribes? overt payoffs?

This hideous (insert favorite term here) miserably excuse for a leader must be excised as so many others must be, if we the 99% are to have any representation at all! For the past 40 years all we’ve had is complicity and craven betrayals!

The DINO private club party is more a threat than R’cons in that they will at least tell us to our faces they will fuck us, not do so behind our backs! ENOUGH!


I honestly am questioning everyday why I vote at all. I obviously cant vote for Republicans and voting for Democrats makes me feel unethical and immoral. I really dont want to vote any of them anymore.


My brain is in continuous shell-shock. Just when you think the Dems could in no way get any worse than they are- boom! Every single day!!! How is this even possible? It defies the laws of physics. Again- there is a real beauty to the Trump presidency. It is that Trump pulled back the curtain of lies and deceit. He shoves the lies and deceit into your face. And so many others are beginning to follow suit. No more backroom meetings. Just tell it like it is Pelosi. We’re capitalists. Hence, by definition, we bow to the rich and let the rest die. What a sick collection of creatures that I would not even label as human- or any other animal.


but hey, as we all know, the parties couldn’t be more different…:))

guess nancy’s going to get her stock losses back one way or another.


SAD! So stop voting, eh?

I think these people are on some kind of holucigenic, living in the maya the illusion .

Responsibility is for those that have awakened .
Denial is chosen to continue the illusion.

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people need to understand that her district is also “heartless and wealthy”.

Nancy ain’t going anywhere. the rich San Fran doyens love her. She delivers much loot for them.


I never liked her much, she’s a plutocrat for the most part. But my family of 4 makes a little over 100 and we live in so-cal, so we could use any help, including this!


I know exactly what you mean. Before the virus I had decided to abstain from voting in the prez election. Biden is completely uninspiring. But now I realize that if we don’t vote out this sociopathic, demented lunatic he’s just going to cause more death and suffering. Not only here at home but around the world. He is a monster that Moscow Mitch and his horde if marauders have unchained and let loose to terrorize all the villages in America while they use the distraction to loot the country and destroy it. We have no choice if we care about this country, the people, and our own individual selves. I’m hoping to survive long enough to vote. Assuming he and his gangsters don’t cancel the election. However, it may be just a gesture. The majority of voters on both sides are morons. I’m including Democrats who are obvious morons voting for Biden in the primaries. Combine that with rampant and obvious voter suppression, King Chump could actually win re-election. Which is mind boggling. Our electoral system and all our govt institutions have been corrupted and broken. But I will vote if still alive. Even if it is a futile gesture. It’s all I’ve got. Only a revolution is ever going to change things. But Americans have been beaten into submission. Apparently.


it’s depressing. but that districts been so heavily gentrified by the tech sector over the years that any and all charm left the hill years ago.

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You can’t live a decent life on $100K? Must be doing something wrong. Don’t try keeping up with the Jone’s’es just enjoy life, your family, nature…


Many of you folks here on Common Dreams just don’t want to believe that the political party you’ve supported your entire life, is corrupt.

Well, after last week when Pelosi was the cheerleader for House members in her party to pass the $2 Trillion, which is turning out to be in reality $6 to 10 Trillion Relief Bill/Stimulus Scam with the masses getting only a tiny fraction of it, and now she’s cheerleading the House again to support tax cuts to upper middle class folks, what are you Democrat Diehards thinking?

Please, tell us.


This is another prime example of how totally and utterly out of touch with working class reality Pelosi and her peers are. Wow. Or Biden. Or just about all of them save for a few led by Bernie Sanders. Middle income is 100 to 200 grand a year? Man, the whole nation is a bunch of peasants by that definition … come to think of it, by a lot of definitions. Hubris on steroids.