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Pelosi's War on Progressives Risks Another Trump Victory

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/15/pelosis-war-progressives-risks-another-trump-victory


Another good job of describing the problem with the exception of the claim that politicians are not paying attention to the voice of ordinary citizens.

When the politicians take big money to run their campaigns and legislate accordingly, citizens keep voting for them. By doing so citizens are voicing that it is okay to take big money to run the campaigns and legislate accordingly.

If citizens want politicians to stop taking big money to run their campaigns and legislating accordingly they have to stop voting for those candidates and start voting against them to create and demonstrate demand for small donor candidates.



This is the most dead on article I have read about the plight of the Democrats. It’s just baffling to see Democrats still spewing out their ‘centrist’ neo-liberal nonsense after Hillary went down in defeat. Yes, she won the popular vote but she lost the election because the people in the middle have been left behind and the ‘centrist’ Democrats would still leave them behind. Meanwhile the Republicans will pick up more of these voters like a vacuum cleaner if the Democrats can not get a clue this time.


After Trump is re-elected and the Rs control Congress (again), Nancy, Chuck, and Steny will punch the hippies who caused the loss. Rinse. Repeat.


How long do we have to listen to the DNC leadership deny the obvious before we understand that they are not simply wrong but deceitful?


I have to disagree. Those attacks by centrists are inevitable and necessary for change to happen. They are picking a fight they can’t win. There needs to be a very open, very public war in the Democratic Party in which progressives cease being polite and attack centrists for their corruption. These are the opening shots of that war. Progressives will need to hammer home to voters that a politician’s interests do not allign with the public interest when they take campaign money from corporations and corporate lobby groups. This is their opportunity. Every time Pelosi and friends attack progressives, they opens themselves up to counter-criticism and advance the progressive agenda. Bring it on, Nancy.


Is there a place where I would like to live to which I can migrate where the US doesn’t have its thumb up the butt? Articles like this make inquiring minds like mine race.


Ha. We were in the planning stages of retirement to Ecuador. When our daughter and spouse decided they wanted a baby after all… sucker for the little ones we are and then Ecuador went full on neoliberal so it was a double strike out. We met some folks a short while back who had purchased a small place in Uruguay and are spending a lot of time there and preparing to move full time . They told us it was paradise compared to the US. They had been welcomed into their little town like old friends, people share and look out for each other , are pretty liberal. The medical care is good and cheap( Mostly British, Spanish and US trained docs). We would have looked into it more had our kid not chosen to make us grandparents shortly!


Thanks for the reply. I have had the pleasure of working with a student from Uruguay, along with meeting his father. I second your assessment based upon what I learned from them. Hopefully, there are no rare earth minerals or other “gems” there to be garnered by the avarice of THE MACHINE.


“The angry are full of passionate intensity, and they show up to vote, and they vote for Trump. Many of the cynical and disaffected—most of whom come from the progressive majority—don’t.”

Which seems to indicate that Trump’s base, however passionate and intense, are unable to perceive the obvious fact that he’s a cheat and charlatan, always has been, and will treat them to the same. Blinded by their own rage. It’s a molotov cocktail they dropped on their own feet. The disaffected at least appear to grok that much, and realize a similar but less flamboyant dysfunction plagues the rest of the field also. Somewhere in between are those still hoping the “system” will finally work as advertised.

Rome is burning, and full of Neros.


Since then there’s been a war on for the heart and soul of the Democratic Party, and in 2018, a sharp move to the left improved voter turnout and helped the Democratic Party regain the House and win back several states.

While I agree with much of what the author says, I disagree with this statement or, at best, I see it as misleading. The fact is that the majority of those Dems elected in 2018 were NOT progressives. The party certainly did NOT make a sharp move to the left. The fact is that the majority of new Ds elected in 2018 were just more of the same establishment Democrats. Once again, it is dangerous to interpret a loud and active handful of new progressive voices as a major shift in the party power structure. If you vote for a D in 2020, no matter how progressive he or she may sound or even be, you are still voting to keep Pelosi and Schumer in power.

I would also add that Pelosi’s stubborn refusal to even begin impeachment hearings only reinforces the notion that the system is broken, so voting makes no difference. Makes you wonder, once agin, if the Democrats even want a good voter turnout.


I like your approach here, but I would add that it’s absolutely imperative to funnel that conflict into voting booths. Republican voters learned this years ago already–if someone’s not doing your bidding, you refuse to support them at the ballot box, even if it means a dreaded “libtard” wins. Democrats have never even considered this as a solution. They simply have no defense, apparently, against lesser evil appeals. They do not, in other words, know how to discipline their party.

The Pelosi’s of the world must suffer in the election booth in the same way the McGovern campaign flamed out. It must be total and it must be emphatic. Otherwise, all the infighting during the cycle means nothing if it doesn’t change election outcomes.

I guarantee that if Democrats abandoned this party for even one full cycle until some basic demands are met, there would be a much greater chance of wresting control of the party away from elites.


J.A. The demodogs and nancy P. want to loss the election. If the demodogs won both houses and the potus then they could be held accountable. That’s the last thing they want or their puppet masters want.


Hey John, don’t forget the icing on the Reagan cake!
The strategy - which has been intensifying ever since - of FIRST cutting budgets. WHY? So that predators can point to the failure of fulfilling a legislated agency mandate, claim it is due to “policy” ostensibly set by the other party. Reagan left the facade of the agencies and GUTTED budgets and staff CREATING FAILURE! Not to mention the jaw flapping “talking points”. Anyone ever notice that this era ushered in the domination of “talking points” and the correlates found in billionaire acquisitions of media?
Predation is a learned human activity and the teachers have no conscience, are deluded ideologues intensely afraid of losing their privileged positions acquired through entire generations of family legacies and their minions with - as the economic mandate demands - EVER INCREASING APPETITE born of the belief hammered in from childhood that there must be unfailing growth - in other words a cancer of the socius. The intravenous fluid feeding this walking dead is DEBT.

Hence, there must be overpopulation; and in keeping with the schizophrenic manipulation - there must not be death of the unborn so that the living can count for a “resource” for profit prisons, student debt, debt, mortgage debt, credit card debt, compounded “interest” (gotta laugh at the double entendre there).

Live simplyso that others can simply live.
Hate Amazon and the Bezos bozo?
From an article yesterday here on CD: Amazon Alternatives - discover (not the credit card) explore (not other peoples lands) and add to the alternatives - locally, in solidarity. We are on the planet to LEARN - one heck of crash course doncha think?

Health, humor and full engagement!


I firmly believe that NeoLiberalism must be declared a fatal disease.


The point you make here Don eludes the “brainpans” of the 95 to 97% of the voting electorate that consistently vote for the two most money-corrupted political parties in the United States of America.

Thank you.

Perhaps someone reading your comment will have a light bulb go on in their head, and decide to stop supporting the corruption.

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Glad that I’m a freak instead of a hippie.

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Bad news, to the centrists (or 70’s republicans) of the party, if you use weed, you’re a hippie to them. :)))

I’m of the belief that there really isn’t such a thing as a "centrist."

In actuality, there are only two political camps of thought; 1) Those who work for “equality for the masses,” and, 2) Those who work to "maintain inequality favoring the rich."


I can’t say that I ever “used” weed. I merely “experimented” with it.


For research purposes, of course.