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PEN America Files Legal Brief Condemning Trump Effort to Censor Bolton Book as 'Affront' to First Amendment

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/19/pen-america-files-legal-brief-condemning-trump-effort-censor-bolton-book-affront

Hey IQ45, on your second night in Rikers, which should be 21 January 2021, why don’t you ask someone to read you a bedtime story from Thomas Paine, you “fucking moron” (just quoting Rex Tillerson). Bolton ain’t my guy, but the enemy of my enemy…

Its probably going to end up in the Roberts run Supreme Court, and be upheld, ultimately setting a legal precedent for executive powers of censorship. The supreme court are basically direct employees of Donald Trump at this point, Just like the senate and house republicans, the attorney general, the us military, the intelligence agencies and the police forces. I have little hope that the Supreme court will rule other than to uphold Trumps request, which to them is more important than the constitution, legal precedent, and the rights of American people.

I would like to caption that photo with “I’m smushing you’re head…”

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Never a better opportunity to utilize a Gatling gun style, belt fed, grenade launcher.

Bolton is just another distraction to keep our minds off of trump’s failings.
Bolton is taking advantage of the sour grapes clause in politics.


Don is an affront to America, and the rest of the world.
That does not prevent The Owners and their agents in Congress and the Courts from allowing him to seek a second term.

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I’m taking a different direction on this subject than most here, I know big surprise right. I don’t side with Don the con, I’m just pissed Bolton is going to make money off of this information, when he should have testified in congress and helped the case to impeach IQ45 instead. I’m almost never for any kind of censorship, but there are many who have in media, been given a preface to the book, so we basically know the story. Shut this book down just to deny Bolton money for government information, the public should already know.


As Abbie Hoffman once advised, “Steal This Book.”

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“The Government” almost always has a hand in either censorship or prior restraint. The only qualification is how much they can get away with. Just because some elements of this “Government” are trying to protect themselves. Republicans and Democrats screw around with information all the time. Republicans are much more craven and obvious about it.

Is there actually any one thing he and his frazzled handlers commit that is not an undefensible misdemeanor, felony, or more often, treason?
This is not a subject suitable for calm examination.
This is not a boot stamping on your face forever, this is a knee on the back of your neck.
You have about 8 minutes of excruciating agony left.

The guy could have testified before Congress when it mattered. His book revenues mattered more I guess.

as if either Trump or the Republicans are interested in the rule of law–why we can barely get the Democrats to act on the rule of law( see Democratic mayors send in the shock troops to beat down the protesters)–see them find excuses for why they have done virtually nothing to address this for decades while the police kill with impunity–watch the Dems roll over and show their yellow bellies to Republican aggression

These expose trash writings are like Revenge Porn: Get Even. Tar and Feather the victim, and all others, but not the rapist/warmonger/liar/crook/thief, etc. Bolton is no Patriot. DT is his own worst enemy and also no Patriot. They deserve turning on each other. That being said, these garbage books have been around for decades, back long before Lincoln (who DT likes to brag he is better than). They are filled with lies, exaggerations, self-promotion, and a few “truths” just for fun. The issue is the corruption over the decades to both parties has become blatant, almost proud of, in your face, and THIS is the NEW NORMAL. The pandemic is bad enough, but our corrupt political system is neck and neck with that one. We are being destroyed by both–Literally. If Dt has gone to war with Iran as Bolton wanted, they would still be BFFs,but Agent Orange did his usual (that turnabout minute to minute) and that didn’t set well with war lover Bolton. That’s all this is about: Getting Even. This is a game DT is not very good at, and never has been. The upside? Neither is Bolton.