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PEN Norway Awards Snowden, Calls on Government to Grant Safe Passage



Congratulations to Edward Snowden for the much deserved award.

Since David Petraeus was only given a mild slap on the wrist for far more serious disclosures of national secrets, I am sure that the United States government will assassinate Edward Snowden very fairly before his trial.


Go Norwegian Freedom of Expression Lovers!!! Our nation's writers and lovers of freedom ought not to forget Mr. Snowden. He helped us know what our government does behind our backs. He should not be banished for that, rather, honored as an advocate for free citizens everywhere.


Kudos to Norway.
I'd think that Snowden realized that he might never see the U.S. again, before making his revelations.
If he ever returned, under the promise of a "fair" trial, that'd be the last of him, one way or another.


I doubt, that Norway or any Western European nation would be able to keep Snowden safe from the herd of CIA/NSA goons, which would descent on any location, where Snowden is known to be. The sad story is that the only place, where he can feel safe for the foreseeing future will be within the territory of the Sino-Russian alliance.
Safe from the agents of a nation for which he has done and sacrificed so much.


The drivers who drove busloads of Nazi soldiers off steep drops into the fiords were Norwegian too.